IXL Overview

IXL is a supplemental program we are using with a small number of students to get them the additional support they need in the areas of reading, language, and math. This newsletter is designed to show you some videos on how to best use the program to truly see the positive effects it can have with student progress.

Usernames and Password

When students are added to IXL, they are assigned a username. The password is always 123 unless it is changed after. Username can be found once you log in and search for the student. Below are files you are welcome to use to assist in starting up with your students. Also a parent letter to send home.

Step 1- Add Students to your rosters

Step 2- Continuous Diagnostic Assessment.

The first time students should spend roughly 40-60 minute in the assessment. After that, students should come back to it once a week for roughly 10-15 minutes.

Continuous Diagnostic Assessment Overview

Get accurate, up to the minute portrait of students' knowledge

The Student Diagnosing Experience

Help students learn abotu themselves and take an active role in their learning.

Step 2- Work on Recommended Skills

After the assessment, the student homepage will provide choices of skills for students to choose from.

Step 3- Monitor Student Progress

IXL Analytics

Discover insights about your students to help guide your instructional planning

Trouble Spots Reports

Find out how to help the most students at once.

Real-Time Center

See who needs help in the moment and keep students on task

Skill Analyisis Report

Get a complete picture of how your class is progressing through a skill

Questions Log Report

Review a student's exact answers to identify errors and prepare for coaching.

Teacher Engagement.....Which one are you?


  • I have created an account
  • Students have been added to my roster

First Look

  • I have successfully Logged in
  • Students have successfully logged in

Initial Use

  • I have analytics at least once
  • Students have answered 500 questions in total

Engaged Use

  • I have tried analytics for three weeks
  • Students have been active for 3 weeks

Parent Resources

IXL Overview