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For the parents and patrons of the Fulton School District

February 28, 2020

Coronavirus Precautions

An excerpt from the January 27, 2020, Fulton Focus. At FPS, we are continuing to be vigilant in encouraging good hand hygiene for all students, with special emphasis on elementary training; encouraging ill students and staff to stay home, and continually disinfecting common objects. Please encourage good personal hygiene habits in your student(s).

What Fulton Public Schools is Doing Now

  • District wide focus on increased cleaning and disinfecting of school buildings and buses. Disinfecting is taking place in each classroom multiple times a day to prevent the transmission of illness.

  • Our local Health Department is providing a presentation on hand washing technique to our preschool through second grade students. Proper hand washing is one of the best lines of protection against illness.

  • The flu is most commonly spread via droplets, made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk. To help prevent transmission district nurses are continually providing instruction on hand washing and germ control to all district students and faculty.

  • FPS Health Director along with individual building nurses work closely with the local and state Health Department. FPS Health Services Department provides a daily report on illness related absenteeism in our district. Data taken from these reports is used to track both local and national disease trends.

  • In an effort to prevent the spread of illness FPS is setting up a scheduled hand washing plan for elementary students. Each class will be washing their hands upon arrival to class, before lunch, and prior to end of day dismissal. These scheduled hand washings will be done in addition to washing for typical reasons.

  • FPS has hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance to each school. Students and staff are encouraged to use hand sanitizer between hand washing.

  • Individual building nurses will continue to assess students and staff for potential symptoms of flu. Please make sure your child’s school has up to date contact information as communication during flu season is especially important.

General Good Hygiene Techniques

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A message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents and Patrons,

The national census is coming March 2020. As you may know this is a ten year count of individuals in the United States. Perhaps you recall from a prior American Government class that the census is the basis for apportioning or allocating the number of representatives for each state in the US House of Representatives. While this is a major focus of the Census, data is also used by a variety of agencies to fund community projects.

From my perspective as your Superintendent the 2020 Census count impacts the federal funds that communities receive each year for programs and services that are critical for schools, students, and younger children, such as:

  • Special education, Head Start, after-school programs, and classroom technology.

  • Food assistance, including free and reduced-price school lunches.

  • Maternal and child health programs.

These programs are important for the physical and mental health of our students; in addition to potentially creating resources for student support at all levels. Additional information on the Census community impact can be found at https://2020census.gov/en/community-impact.html discusses the considerable impact of the census data.

It is my understanding that each household will be contacted and can respond by mail, personal interview, or on-line. Reporting all preschool children is extremely important for FPS as we wish to increase services to prepare non-school age children to have a positive school experience.

At the Chamber of Commerce breakfast last week, Representative Luetkemeyer encouraged Callaway County residents to complete the census process ensuring our share of potential federal funding.

Thank you for sending great kids to work with.


Jacque A. Cowherd, Ed.D.

Proposition S Information

Proposition S Open Forum

The last scheduled open forum for discussions regarding Proposition S is next Wednesday, March 4, at 6 p.m. in the McIntire Elementary gym/cafeteria. This forum will also be streamed via Facebook Live on the Fulton Public Schools Facebook page beginning at 6 p.m.

As always, if you have questions at any time, please contact Dr. Jacque Cowherd at 573-590-8000.

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Important Dates

Wednesday, March 11 - Board of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m. FHS Library

Thursday, March 12 - End of 3rd Quarter for FHS

Friday, March 20 - End of 3rd Quarter for PreK - 8

Monday, March 23 - Friday, March 27 - NO SCHOOL Spring Break

Friday, April 10 - NO SCHOOL Mid-Quarter Break

Wednesday, April 15 - Board of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m. FHS Library

Wednesday, May 13 - Board of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m. FHS Library

Thursday, May 21 - Last Day of School Dismiss 2 hours early

Friday, May 22 - FHS Graduation

Monday, June 1 - First Day of Summer School

Wednesday, June 10 - Board of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m. FHS Library