Hackberry Howl

Vol. 1 No.17

Second Semester...Full Speed Ahead

Did you know?

If you miss 5 minutes of instruction Daily…(Think how easy that fiive measly minutes is) Your students will have missed 885 minutes in a year. That’s 15 hours of academic time….or 2 ½ full days of instruction.

10 Minutes? You’ve lost 1770 minutes. 30 (30!) hours of class time, or 5 full days.

15 Minutes? You’ve lost 2,665 minutes or about 44 hours. That’s 7 and ½ full days.

30 minutes? 5,310 minutes….89 hours…about 14 school days.

As we learned in our PD session, transitions or beginning of class can be a bit hectic/stressful for the first few minutes. This is the main reason a daily review is so important- it builds consistency and routine, and it allows for students to recall information with spiral learning.

Thank you for a great staff meeting on Tuesday! I enjoyed your participation and your insightful discussions. Tom and I are really looking forward to seeing Daily Review utilized in Math and Reading.


Teacher Spotlight


Birthday: 02/08/1973

Hometown: El Paso, Tx

Current Hackberry position: 3rd grade Dual Language

Where did you attend College and what is your degree(s): University of Texas El Paso and a Bachelors Degree in Accounting

Who was your favorite teacher and why: Mrs. Talent in 5th grade because she never gave up on us and was such a great motivator.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt: Accounting

Do you have children:Yes

Do you have pets: Yes

Favorite Color: Blue

Do you have a favorite Quote or Saying: No matter how hard life can get, stay patient, work hard, and things will fall for you.

Where is the farthest place you have ever traveled: Seattle , Washington

Favorite food: Any type of seafood platters

Hobbies or Activities/organizations you are active in: I coach a volleyball team for Little Elm.

Accomplishments or Honors you have achieved that you are proud of: Masters degree in Bilingual Education

Recommended Reading

The Element by Ken Robinson

A breakthrough book about talent, passion, and achievement from one of the world's leading thinkers on creativity and self-fulfillment. The Element is the point at which natural talent meets personal passion.

Mark your Calendar

Monday, January 18th


Tuesday, January 19th

  • PLC
  • 5th Grade Camp Jolt Information Night 5:30 PM
  • Board Meeting @ Zellars 6:30 PM

Wednesday, January 20th

  • PTA Spirit Night at Woody's

Thursday, January 21st

  • PTA Spirit Night @ CiCi's

Friday, January 22nd

  • Staff Chili Lunch
  • Spirit Day

Lunch Coverage This Week

Lunch Coverage:

Monday-4th and 5th Grade

Tuesday-3rd Grade

Wednesday-2nd Grade

Thursday-1st Grade


Lobo Howls

Ms. Locke to Mrs. Sanders for her positive attitude and team spirit! Fourth grade is lucky to have her as part of our team!

Stephen gives a loud howl to Ana for her help in cutting Lobo bucks!

The entire Hackberry staff gives a SCREAMING howl to Aaron Masai! He will be missed!!!

Ms. Rizvan gives a Howl to Mrs. Lawley for announcing my students' awards since I couldn't be there!

Ms. Escamilla gives a BIG howl to Ashley Measles for sharing some great resources.

Patti gives a shouting HOWL out to Dominica for being an amazing co-worker and team player. I feel so very lucky to be working with her this year. She goes above and beyond to help in any situation and is always keeping her cool even through tough situations :)

Ms. Northcutt gives a Howl out to sanders for joining the fourth grade team!

Ms. Silva gives a howl to all the 5th grade and 4th grade Math teachers for their hard work in helping students bringing up their Math RenStar scores and to all the specialists for making MOY RenStar testing so smooth this year.

Ms. Murillo gives Mr. Mendez a howl for helping with math tutoring!

Ms. Anderson gives a howls to all the peeps wearing their fit bit to help me get motivated to exercise!!!

Ms .Webber Howls out to Karla for helping kinder understand the field trip process--- you da bomb Karla

Ms. Webber Howls out to Nurse Lay for her pure awesomeness with doctoring our kiddos

Ms. Webber Howls out to Kathleen for being a champ and understanding that I promise I post my attendance daily and there must be a glitch in the system (-: thanks for being understanding Kathleen

Ms. Schroeder Howls out to 4th and 5th grade teachers for all their efforts in working with their math students! Their students have made tremendous growth since the beginning of the year......well done!!!

Ms. Morales gives a huge HUGE howl to Mrs. Silva and my 5th grade team for being so supportive. ʕ•⍝͡•ʔ ooo0o0o0ooooooo

Ms. Jones Howls out to Callie, Jamie, and Carolyn who did a great job of documenting on their RTI students. They both had quantitative as well as anecdotal data for specific skills on their students.

Ms. Jones gives Rizvan a SUPER RAZKids HOOOOOWWWWLLLLL, she has made assignments in RAZKids and started Headsprout with her class!!