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HSSD Family Newsletter | December 30, 2021 | Vol 1, Issue 4

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In this issue:

  • Teacher Features: Kerri Vande Hei and Lynn Bortz
  • HSSD Career Fair
  • Student Snapshots
  • Humanity Heroes
  • Alumni Making Waves: Joe Bertler, Bay Port 1998
  • And much more!

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From Deep in the Heart of Texas

Kerri Vande Hei, 4th grade teacher at Howard Elementary, and Barbara Gruener, author from Texas, have created a beautiful virtual friendship. Gruener is the author of Mr. Quigley's Keys, a book Vande Hei added to her curriculum this year. After a virtual visit with Vande Hei's students, the author funded the remaining balance of Vande Hei's first-ever DonorsChoose project. Read the full story here.

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Ring in 2022 with HSSD

HSSD is hosting a Career Fair January 5-6, 2022 at the District Office Training Center to help fill critical openings. No pre-registration is required! Thank you in advance for sharing this opportunity with those who might be interested! Click here for more details regarding the HSSD Career Fair.

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Updates from the Board of Education Meeting December 13, 2021

  • The Board received community input regarding the K-6 mask requirement and parent involvement at school.
  • The Board received a Facilities Update from Bob Vajgrt of EU:A.
  • The Board received a COVID-19 response update from the administrative team.
  • Masks will be strongly recommended, but not required, for all K-12 students, staff, and visitors beginning January 3, 2022.

  • The Board approved Ends Policy E-4 Core Academic Skills and Governance Policy GP-13 Board Communication monitoring reports.

  • The Board approved a final reading of new Governance Policy GP-15 Board Meetings Format.

  • The Board appointed a new Deputy Clerk, Greg Klimek.

For upcoming meeting dates, agendas, and prior meeting minutes, visit the Board of Education page on our website.

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At HSSD, our students are learning from the book The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey. In each edition of The Compass, the Student Services team will share a topic for families to reflect upon. Learn more about Social Emotional Wellness on our website.

Live the 7 Habits: Habit 4 - Celebrate the Private Victory

As we journey through winter break, take time to celebrate mastering Habits 1-3 and Habit 4 (celebrate your own private victory). These habits build on each other. The more you take responsibility for your life (Habit 1), work toward meaningful goals (Habit 2), and use your time well (Habit 3), the more independent you become. This leads to our own private victory where we take control of our attitude and our actions.

  • As a family, take time to plan for the new year. Invite each person to make a list of accomplishments they would like to celebrate one year from now.
  • Have each person prioritize their list and make a plan to work towards their number one goal.

  • Find a place to post your family goals and make a plan to keep each other accountable.

  • Talk about how each person is responsible for taking action on their goals and how you can work together to help each other make them happen.

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  • December 23-31: No School - Winter Break
  • January 3: School Resumes
  • January 11: Bay Port Choral Concert
  • January 13: Lineville Choir Concert (6th Grade)
  • January 20: Lineville Choir Concert (5th Grade)
  • January 21: End of Second Quarter

District and School Calendars | Bay Port Athletics Calendar

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What is an HSSD Humanity Hero?

At Convocation, our welcome back event for staff in August, Superintendent Damian LaCroix shared our theme for the school year: #BringHumanityBack. The theme is inspired by our beloved colleague Heidi Hussli, who passed away last school year. Heidi had a passion for kindness and mutual respect and we are celebrating the kindness our support staff show each day in school.

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COVID-19 Update

The HSSD COVID-19 hotline (920-662-7233) will be staffed December 30 and January 2, with regular seven-days-a-week monitoring resuming January 3. Please use the hotline to report COVID-19 test results and ask questions of our school nurse staff.

Masks strongly recommended, but not required, for all K-12 students, staff, and visitors beginning January 3, 2022.

Visit the HSSD COVID-19 website for the lastest communication and updates.

RevTrak: New Platform to Streamline Payments

Student fees formerly paid through PowerSchool and purchases/donations formerly made through CoreCommerce can now be accessed through RevTrak. Visit the Families page to pay student fees and to make purchases/donations.

The purpose of making the shift to RevTrak is to streamline the cash collecting process. It is a money-saving opportunity for families and the district. By the end of the school year, most family payments received throughout the HSSD will occur through RevTrak. Stay tuned to The Compass for future information regarding RevTrak.

Steps to Pay Student Fees

  1. Visit the HSSD Families page and click on RevTrak or visit RevTrak directly.

  2. To log in: first time users create your personal Web Store account to make payments for your student’s PowerSchool Fees.

  3. Once logged into RevTrak, click on the PowerSchool box.

  4. Log in with your PowerSchool Parent Portal Account. (If you do not have or remember your PowerSchool Parent Portal Account, please reach out to your child’s school. Note: auto filled passwords will not work for this process.)

  5. Click on the student’s name to view fees.

  6. Click Add to Cart next to the appropriate fee.

  7. Confirm all items in the cart and click Checkout.

  8. Enter your billing information and click Continue

  9. Click Place Order. Note: Once the payment is processed, the receipt can be viewed or printed. A receipt will also be sent to the email you provided.

Steps to Make Purchases/Donations

  1. Visit the HSSD Families page and click on RevTrak or visit RevTrak directly.

  2. Click on your school’s name.

  3. Under the left sidebar will be purchase and donation options. Click your desired option.

If you have questions regarding RevTrak, please contact your school’s main office.

Village of Howard Recreation Guide

Howard Recreation Guide for Winter and Spring 2021-22 - Offers plenty of ways for Howard and Suamico residents to get involved.
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Computer Science Education Week

Jovita D'Souza, Bay Port junior; Chad Behnke, Bay Port Computer Science Teacher; and Kyle Siech, Director of Technology, were featured in a CESA7 video during Computer Science Education Week.
Howard-Suamico School District Youth Apprenticeship Profile

Charity Started by Three Local Teachers (The Press Times)

Bernie Donovan, Forest Glen Speech Language Pathologist, was honored alongside two local educators for starting a charity called Handbags for Hope. Read the story here.
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Joe Bertler, Bay Port Class of 1998, is the Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director at the Village of Suamico. A fierce advocate for public service, Bertler most enjoys acting as a leader, teammate, and visionary in this community.

In addition to his role as Fire Chief, he is the accordion player in The New Generation polka band, which travels the state and nation sharing its snappy polka beat. Bertler said, “I compare polka music to firefighting in that they both are brother- and sister-hoods of friends and family.”

Click here to read Joe Bertler’s full feature.

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Santa! We know him! No, we really do!

Richard Schadewald began his teaching career at Bay Port in the early 80s. Now he can be found donning the famous red suit for parades, photo ops, and private events. Thank you, Mr. Schadewald, for continuing to bring the magic of the season and happiness to the young at heart.

Mr. Shadewald in 1980 and now

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