Instructional Technology Trainer

Eileen Heller

About Me

I am your direct support teacher in the area of instructional technology. With over fifteen years of classroom experience, I have the expertise in how to best connect your curriculum, technology and 21st Century skills for you as the teacher and your students. I strive to help any teacher feel comfortable adding communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to their lessons along with the use of technology. I have a personal passion in exploring the following areas: social media to showcase your class story, project based learning, and connecting students across the globe using Skype in the Classroom. Follow me on Twitter and check out my blog at the links below.

I can help with...

Your Building Tech Support Person or the Help Desk (531.299.0300) is better for:

When am I available?

I am happy to train at staff meetings and grade level meetings. I can be available to you at your request at the times that are best for you. Just shoot me an email to schedule a visit that best fits your schedule. I cannot wait to support you and your students and showcase the great ways you integrate technology so others can learn from you!