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February 22, 2021

ARIS Weekly Announcements 22221

Dr. Seheult, Farewell and ALL the Best!!

The Ramirez Staff bids a bittersweet farewell to the principal of six years, Dr. Kimberly Seheult. Dr. Seheult has been selected as the Director of the Eastvale STEM academy. We celebrate this honor with her! During her six year tenure at Ramirez, her focus has been on supporting teachers and staff in creating an environment where "learning is the only option" for students. Join us in sending her off with light and love as she moves on to do great things at Eastvale STEM academy! Dr. Seheult you will be dearly missed!


Welcome Principal Mrs. Jennifer Montgomery!

With open hearts we welcome the newest addition to the Ramirez family, Principal, Mrs. Jennifer Montgomery. She has a long history in education and we are so very excited about her vision and mission to serve the Ramirez community of students, families, and staff! Please read her introductory letter below.
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Dear Wolfpack Students and Families,

I am excited to write this letter of introduction to you as the new Principal of Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School. I am honored to have the opportunity to lead a school with outstanding students, dedicated staff, and a supportive school community while continuing to strengthen our Wolf Pack with their academic and social-emotional learning. Dr. Seheult and I are working together to create a smooth transition for our students, families, and staff.

I have been dedicated to the field of education for twenty-eight

years. I have worked with students ranging from Kindergarten to high school in

a variety of roles. I have been a teacher, counselor, and most recently an

Assistant Principal at Eleanor Roosevelt High School for the past eight

years. I am pleased to bring my skills as an educational leader to Ramirez

and continue my work in the Eastvale community as a partner in education to

ensure your student’s success.

On a personal note, my husband, Randy, and I have been married for

24 years, and we are contented, empty nesters. Our youngest son is a

senior at the University of Portland (a school that proudly wears purple and

black) and plays for the Pilot’s baseball team. I am an avid Peloton rider,

podcast listener, reader, and lifelong learner.

I view education as a life-long process and expect that I will

continue to learn much about Ramirez's uniqueness for the rest of the school year

and in the years to come. Most importantly, I am steadfast in my belief

that all students can learn through motivation, education, and empowering

students to be their best selves. I firmly believe the relationships between

families and the school are vital to learning outcomes.

I look forward to meeting and collaborating with you to ensure success for the entire student body.


Mrs. Jennifer Montgomery



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Roosevelt Rush-8th Graders!!

Save the Date!! We will be hosting our annual Roosevelt Rush virtually on March 12th! More information to come!!


PTSA Reflection Contest

CONGRATULATIONS to our Ramirez Wolves who won first place in their category!

1st Place Photography: Zachary Brasher

1st Place Literature: Veronica Cobian

1st Place Music Composition: James Glenny

1st Place Film Production: Zachary Brasher


Gardening Club!!

We had a GREAT first meeting! The group decided to continue to meet on THURSDAYS. Please look at the Counseling Google Classroom for the Zoom link to join the fun!!!


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Teacher Shout Outs!

From Mrs. Sexton

James C--Working so hard and being so nice

Preston M-Participating in class!

Nixon HExcellent participation and being so kind

Maddox O-Working hard and being responsible

Yanni A-Always participating and having excellent effort :)

Clare A-Always speaking up and participating in class

Sarah C-Excellent effort and participation in class

Jacob F-Being so kind and responsible :)

Jordan F-Asking clarifying questions :)

Wade H-Being responsible and asking for clarification

David P-Being so kind and thoughtful each class!

Robert S-Participating in the chat :)

Bryce T-Working hard and being responsible

Raven B-Always looking out for me and making sure my screens are correct :)

Marcus B-Working hard and being responsible

Rylee D-Being responsible and focused in class

Addyson G-Being focused, responsible, and getting clarification when needed :)

Emily K-Being sweet, kind, and showing consideration for others :)

Jonathan A-Staying invloved in class and keeping the conversation going !

Isaac R-Showing us your cool laptop features

Austin W-Being so kind, funny, and involved. I appreciate the kindness!

Lucca F-Excellent effort and participation

Elijah C-Staying involved and keeping the conversation going in class

Avery L-Staying invloved in class and keeping our conversations fun!

Sophie H-Being so kind and making sure to include everyone in the conversation

Saxton H-Being an awesome part of 7th period!

Adeline R-Always having excellent effort and participation

Alana S-For being so wonderful and kind. You made my day!!

Alicia M-Getting involved and participating during baking club :)

Jonathan C-Always staying invovled :)

Carole Z-Staying involved and keeping class fun!

J.L. K-Always starting fun conversations that get us talking!

Gianna R-9 3/4 !!!!

Kaylee O-Getting others involved and being so kind!

Giselle A-Always staying on to chat and talk:))))

Jesse B-Being super responsible and involved in class

Jonathan A-Awesome OBS banners :)

From Mrs. Webb

Londyn M-She is coming to class, she made up a bunch of work and she is just amazing!

From Mrs. Wheeler

Samantha M-Always speaking up and helping out in Math, not ONLY participating but also helping lead breakout room discussions. AMAZING!

From Mrs. Aldavoud and Mrs. Martinez

Chao B-Continues to work hard on Edgenuity. Doing an Awesome job!

Isaac G-Continues to work hard on Edgenuity. Doing an Awesome job!

Anthony V-Continues to work hard on Edgenuity. Doing an great job!

Brooke M-Continues to work hard on Edgenuity. Doing a fantastic job!

Noah P-Continues to work hard on Edgenuity. Doing an awesome job!

Drew D-Works hard everyday - great effort!

Danielle M-Works hard every day - great effort!

Andrew S-Continues to work hard on Edgenuity. Doing an awesome job!

From Mrs. Olson

Hiro S-Always ready to learn!

Guillermo J-Positive attitude!

Julian A-Finishes all of his homework!

From Sra. Meza

Emily I-, Rose H-, Ava A-Your kindness in helping out other students.


Who are we?

Ramirez is a model school where learning is the only option. We provide an environment that is safe and caring, rigorous and engaging. We ensure all students learn with the supports provided. We know that our strength as a school is found in our collaborative spirit. We value relationships, high expectations, and support. We work hard to incorporate these each and every day!