A Inside Look At Death

"Death is the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism." It is a natural part of life. Many people fear death. They are afraid of the unknown and whether or not there is an afterlife. They wonder whether they will end up is heaven or hell.

The way people react to a loved one's death would be the five stages of grief theory. First they deny that their loss. They'll isolate and avoid people and the issue altogether. Then they will have anger towards the person they lost. Next the victim will blame themselves, saying "if only I had done...." After this stage the depression will hit leading into the final stage, acceptance.


Evanescence - Hello by user6216696


This song is about the singer, Amy Lee's, sister who drowned when she was very young. It is about how Amy copes when she hears the news of her sister's death.
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This poem is a few examples of ways you could commit suicide. The message Dorothy Parker is trying to portray is not to commit suicide, but prevent it. "You might as well live" are her exact words at the end of this poem. She wishes to show the suicidal people that committing suicide is not the answer.