5th Graders Take Action

Service Day - West

What is the Ronald McDonald House?

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Pittsburgh is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children. We understand families are an important part of a child’s healing process. This is why we provide the opportunity for families to be by their child’s bedside as they face life-saving medical situations. We know that keeping families close is better for everyone.
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Save the Date

5th Grade Service Day

Wednesday, May 11th, 10am-12pm

451 44th Street

Pittsburgh, PA

Please arrive by 9:45 a.m.

Meet the kids who stay at the Ronald McDonald House and learn what it means to them.

Meet the Kids

What are we doing on May 11?

We are going to the Ronald McDonald House and decorating a hall with a summer theme for the residents. Our goal is to bring a smile to their faces and hope to their hearts each time they walk through the hall to their rooms. We will decorate the whole hallway, hanging art from the ceilings and on the walls and using magnets to attach artwork to doors with magnetic surfaces. You can send your artwork to Mrs. Owens at PA Leadership Charter School 55 Alpha Drive West, Pittsburgh, PA 15238 or bring it with you on May 11 to help decorate in person!

What can we do now?

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Get Ideas and Start Creating!

We are sending our support! What does support look like to you? Encouraging words? Cheerful pictures? Favorite things of summer?

You can create whatever you think will bring smiles and hope to the people who see it!

Feel free to add where you're sending it from to let them know they are not alone! (Examples: "Sent with love from Philadelphia," "Hugs from Harrisburg)

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Other ways to help

Donating wish list items is a great way to help. Click on the link below to view items on the Wish List. When you donate from the wish list, you are helping families stay together.
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Schools, offices, community groups and individuals can help the charity by collecting pull tabs. The tabs can be taken to a local scrap metal yard and weighed for cash. You can then send a check that will help with the mission which is to focus on the well-being of the families. Also, you can drop off your tabs to the House and they will take care of the recycling.

When to arrive/Parking Information

Please arrive by 9:45. When you arrive, the main door will be locked. Please press the call button and let the receptionist know you are helping to decorate a floor. Then, take the elevator to the penthouse floor. You will need to check in at the front desk on the penthouse floor.