Padbury Newsletter

Issue #5 - 4 April 2019

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:

where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy.

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek

to be consoled as to console,

to be understood as to understand,

to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive,

it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,

and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.


5 April 2019 - Pre-Primary Prayer Assembly @ 2:30pm

11 April 2019 - Day of Prayer and Reflections

12 April 2019 - Interschool Basketball / No Assembly / End of Term 1 Students and Staff

29 April 2019 - Term 2 starts Staff and Students

3 May 2019 - Year 3 Anzac Day Assembly @ 2:30pm

6 May 2019 - Early Years Matter (formerly Kindy Connect) @ 6:30pm

7 May 2019 - Year 2 Liturgy @ 11:15am

8 May 2019 - Kindy Geckos Mother's Day Afternoon Tea @ 2pm / School Board Meeting @ 5:30pm / P&F Meeting @ 7pm

9 May 2019 - Kindy Wallabies Mother's Day Afternoon Tea @ 2pm

10 May 2019 - Year 1 Mother's Day Assembly @ 9am

12 May 2019 - Mother's Day

13 May - 15 May 2019 - Confirmation Parent Workshops @ 7pm

14 May 2019 - Pre-Primary Priest Visit @ 11am

16 May 2019 - Pre-Primary AWCHWA Hospital Incursion, Winter Interschool Sport

17 May 2019 - Merit Award Assembly @ 2:30pm


Dear Parents

Jesus' greatest commandment, and our own school motto of ‘Love One Another’, has certainly shone through in these last couple of weeks as our community has been travelling through a most difficult, uncertain and confusing time. It has certainly been a time for deep reflection, conversation and questioning. I thank you for your willingness to come and chat with me, to share your thoughts or to seek clarification. I would like to acknowledge and thank you for the kind and empathetic way in which you embraced the staff and Leadership Team during this period, we have truly appreciated your support and encouragement. The care and wellbeing of our students is always our highest priority and I would like to thank our committed team of Teachers, Education Assistants, Administration Staff and CEWA Support Staff, for coming together to ensure our children have been well cared for and their needs supported. As we journey towards Easter let us use this time to welcome forgiveness, healing and renewal and create space in our lives for God.

Easter will fall during the holidays, however we will be having our Easter celebrations in the last week of term. All classes will have a prayerful visit around the school as they visit the Stations of the Cross. On Thursday 11 April we will have a day of prayer and reflection. Easter reflections will be held at different times throughout the day in the hall. Please come and join us. The dates and times of the Easter Parish events are included in the newsletter today. It would be wonderful if, as a family, you are able to join in the Easter celebrations that are planned at Our Lady of the Mission Church. By joining in these celebrations, it is a valuable witness to your children that you consider Easter a very sacred time.

Thank you to the parents who have been attending Parent-Teacher Meetings over the last couple of weeks and to the teachers for their preparation and hosting these meetings. These meetings are an integral part of the school’s reporting system and an excellent opportunity for parents and teachers to share information and discuss children's strengths, areas for growth and individual needs. These meetings also send a powerful message to children that the parent/teacher team is united and has their best interests at heart.

On Wednesday our Year Five students attended Whadjuk Gift Day at Mater Dei College. The event commenced with a welcome to country and smoking ceremony. The students then took part in traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander games and activities that were devised by a team of Mater Dei College teachers. This Art, HASS, Home Economics and Design & Technology cross-curricular project involved five invited Catholic primary schools. The premise of the event is to develop meaningful cultural knowledge of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander nations. Our children got to design and print t-shirts that represent one of 17 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations. The children got to wear their nation t-shirts on the day as they celebrated their nation in a day of celebration, activity and culturally relevant sports.

Congratulations to our Interschool Swimming Team who came second at last week's 'A' Division Carnival at HBF Arena. What a superb result! Well done to all our swimmers and thank you Mr Hignett for your wonderful efforts in preparing our students.

I hope to see lots of you at the Dads and Daughters Hair Salon on Friday April 5th after school in the hall. What a fabulous opportunity to spend some father-daughter time together and do some brushing, braiding and curling! A great initiative by the Extraordinary Father’s League.

A big thank you to Kylie Giles who has taken on the role of Uniform Shop Manageress this year and is doing a sensational job of ensuring families have their supply of uniforms for the term. Can you believe that it is now time to shop winter uniforms!

Kindest regards

Mrs Margaret Williamson




Caritas: Project Compassion

A reminder to keep Project Compassion in your minds throughout the Lenten season. Donations can be made through the project compassions boxes, or online at

Thank you

Thank you to those parents that we able to attend the Sacramental Parent Information workshop on Wednesday night of last week at the Church. I thought Mario Borg, the presenter, was very engaging. The school, and Parish, thank you for your commitment to your child's faith journey. Feedback is very important for these events, and Mario has asked for feedback on the workshop. Please visit if you attended and have 2 minutes to complete this survey.

Holy Week at Padbury

Throughout next week, in preparation for Easter, classes will be participating in a range of spiritual activities, including a walk-through of the Stations of the Cross, located throughout the school grounds. On Thursday of next week, the whole school will take part in a day of Prayer and Reflection.

Thank you to Mrs Woodall for organising and coordinating this special week of celebrations, and Mrs Cusack and Mrs La Galia for their assistance.

Easter Raffle

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Lenten Thoughts...

Top Five Things to Embrace…
1. Apologise – seek unity in all circumstances. Apologise when you have wronged someone… even when they started it.
2. Forgive and let live – set yourself free. Forgive someone against whom you hold a grudge. Let them go. Let yourself go. And start living again.
3. Gratitude – give thanks every day, all day. Gratitude is one of the most effective ways to lift your spirit and increase your awareness of God’s presence.
4. Blessing – bless those you love. Bless those you dislike. Bless those you envy.
5. Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) – nothing will inspire more delicious delight than doing a RAK – compliment a stranger, assist an elderly person, top up the parking meter, bring sunshine into someone’s life.

Top Five Things to Surrender…

1. Grumpiness – irritability is a choice. We can choose to be grumpy or we can choose to be pleasant and good humoured.
2. Gossip – resist taking delight in someone else’s failure. Protect their reputation and let the bad news stop with you.
3. Self-pity – everyone has to deal with setbacks and disappointments. Self-pity will not change your circumstances, it just makes you feel powerless.
4. Resentment – resentment hangs over a person’s life like dark thunder clouds.
5. Busyness – you have all the time you could ever need for the things that are important to you. Stop using a lack of time as an excuse for neglecting relationships or your health.
6. Listen – stop talking and listen…to your spouse, to your children, to the lonely neighbour, to the sounds of creation, to God’s word in your life.



Parents of students in Years 3 and 5 should have received an information flyer today, detailing 2019 NAPLAN information. This year, for the first time, Padbury will be completing the NAPLAN tests online (all schools throughout Australia will be online by 2020). NAPLAN Testing will take place from Tuesday 14th May (Term Two, Week Three). Students in these year levels have had experience with the new online environment this week, and today sat the practice test - which ran smoothly. The students enjoyed completing the practice test online. More information will follow prior to the test dates.

New Newsletter Format!

We have had a great deal of positive feedback regarding the new format of the newsletter. Thanks to those who took the time to let us know their thoughts. We are glad you are enjoying the updated look!

Kiss and Ride - O'Leary Road

A reminder that the whole of O'Leary Road along the school oval is a 'Kiss and Ride' area. Please do not park along this space during drop-off or pick-up times as it halts the efficiency and flow of the Kiss and Ride procedure at the end of the day. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thought for the Week

I wish you all a Holy, relaxing and enjoyable Easter holiday break with your families.

Ryan von Bergheim

Assistant Principal



Easter is just around the corner as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus in our class and the importance of taking the time for reflection and renew. We have enjoyed sharing from God's Special Book the Bible and bringing many of the stories alive for our Kindy children with their families. Palm Sunday and the joy of having someone visit your home that makes you feel so joyful! It was great to share how we can share this moment when we have family and friends visit or attending Mass.

We spent some time sharing ideas of how we would share a meal with Jesus and his friends and how we can share the same message with our own families at meal times. Kindy have also been preparing for the Easter Bunny visit. Lots of cooking and fine motor planning as well as a hundred and one questions to ask about his arrival.

We wish everyone a wonderful Easter Week celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord and we look forward to offering you more snippets from Kindy in the new term.

Early Years Matter

What an amazing turn out for our very first Early Years Matter forum for the year. A huge thank you to Bernie Eastwood (Behavioural Optometrist) in supporting our school to have a more informative understanding of the early years and the impact of screen time and limited play opportunities.

One of the great sharings on the night included the recommendations from recent longitudinal studies of the recommended screen times in Australia; 0-2 years no devices,

2-5 years 1 hour or less a day, this includes age appropriate, high quality and co-viewed with an adult. Bernie shared that the calculation for one hour a day worked out to a whole month on screens in one year!

Parents were offered a hand out of ways in which to screen the quality of games and activities which promote health eye tracking behaviour for screen and game use along with ways in which the most powerful learning occurs.

Workshop opportunities were given to wear glasses to show the impact on our children's vision with their balance and coordination along with how reading a book can be taken for granted if we are unaware of the enormous role our eyes play in supporting us. All these behaviours that are thought to develop on their own are no different to crawling and walking where there needs to be parent/adult input and guidance.

A wonderful quote share on the night was "Neurons that fire together wire together!"

A big thank you to all the staff that attend. We hope that this night has provided us with added insight into the global changes that are occurring with digital learning and how we can assist our students with healthy vision choices.

We look forward to offering another Early Years Matter forum next term.


Boy and Girl Choir on Wednesdays 8:15am in the hall - Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Guitar Club on Thursdays at 8:25am - Years 4, 5 and 6.

Year 6

Last week the students in Year 6R and 6L went olive picking. We were given four tubs to fill with green Italian olives. Each tub was filled just over a quarter full. After picking for around half an hour, we made our way down to the chicken coop. A few people were asked to take all the stems and leaves out from the olives. We then rinsed the olives and started making brine. Mr Randazzo taught us how to make the mixture. We were asked to bring a 500ml jar to fill with olives. Finally, we filled our jars with brine and olives, then made a plastic seal. All of us walked back down to the classroom and made our labels to stick on our jars. We were so excited to eat our olives but were told that it would take 3 months.

The teachers took all of our jars and kept them in the store room. We are so excited for our time to come when we can finally eat out delicious olives.

By Kirsten, Aileen, Victoria, Taylor and Josie

Waste Free Wednesday

Every Wednesday from Term 2 we are running Waste Free day at school.

Our waste free lunch program educates students about where our waste ends up and how we as individuals, can reduce the amount of waste we generate and send to landfill. Waste free lunches encourage the first step in the waste hierarchy - AVOIDING waste.

Choosing products that have less packaging, results in less waste that you have to dispose of.

It not only makes good environmental sense, but it makes good economic sense too. Waste free lunches are often cheaper and in most cases a lot healthier too!

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PPH - Emily Hartfield, Arlo Fell-Barrett, Eden Smith

PPP - Giada Da Rui, Michael O'Sullivan, Taylah Morton

Year 1

1M - Lewis Faulkner, Amelie Cavanagh, Bailey De Maio, Grace O'Sullivan

1W - Matteo Da Rui, Alexandria Lewis, Isabella O'Neill, Julia Gradek, Kudzai Chamapiwa

Year 2

2D - Hannah Lalani, Lila Swadling, Braxten James, Taya Bird

2W - Roman Buratti, Hunter Daniel

Year 3

3BR - Maya Wilkinson, Amber Wu

3H - Macy Gallagher, Kuku Chibiliti, Alexa Saju

Year 4

4B - Ava Tansey, Zaccariah McKenzie, Conor Coulthard, Tilly Cook

4WH - Lily O'Shea, Eamon Stott

Year 5

5D - Nathan Brennan, Zara Cash, Kevin Buliga

5W - Fiona Gibbons, Joel Swadling

Year 6

6L - James O'Shea, Megan Gannon

6N - Mae Ellison, Kayla Rigby, Sophia Larranaga

6R - Lucas Pelle, Rohann Sirohi


Mother's Day Breakfast

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Extraordinary Father's League

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Sausage Sizzle

Sausage sizzle will be running in Term 2 and 3 starting on the 3 of May and running fortnightly until the end of Term 3.

They will continue to be $3 and juices boxes $1. Ordering is at Flexischools and orders will still close on the Monday previous at 12pm sharp. Ordering has changed slightly, so please double check your orders before confirming them.

We are pleased to offer a gluten free option this term. We really need anyone with coeliac food handling experience to volunteer to help work with just the GF orders. You can contact Sheree Merry or Cindy Aquino.

Last minute orders will not be accommodated this year, especially on gluten free orders so please get your orders in at Flexischools as soon as possible.


Stations of the cross

Please join us for Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent at 7:00pm in the Church.
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Counting Ministry

Our Lady of the Mission Parish is looking for people to join the Counting Ministry. If you would like to get involved in a parish ministry like this, please contact the parish office on 9307 2776. You will be rostered on approximately every 10 weeks and will be part of a team.


Criminal Law Amendment (Intimate Images) Act 2018 (WA)

State Parliament has passed the new Criminal Law Amendment (Intimate Images) Bill making it illegal to distribute an intimate image of a person without consent. In the case of someone under 16, the law says they cannot legally consent to an image of themselves being shared. The law aims to strike a balance between protecting young people from this harmful behaviour, and not unduly criminalising them. The new intimate image laws will come into effect following the commencement of the Criminal Law Amendment (Intimate Images) Act 2018 (WA) on 15 April 2019.

As young people under the age of 16 are not exempt from this new offence, it is imperative that information regarding these new laws is shared with our students and their parents. The key messages for young people are:

  • It is against the law to take, keep, send or ask for an intimate image of a person under the age of 18
  • It is against the law to share an intimate image of a person of any age without their consent.
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Positive Parenting Program