Kansas/ Good Times and Bad Times

BY: Maci Smith

Wichita- The Air Capital

  • The legacy of travel air manufacturing made Wichita the air capital!
  • Up until World War 1 most planes were made out of wood and cloth.
  • Money from the expanding oil industry in Kansas helped finance it's expansions.
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The Consumer Economy

  • During the 1920's , the American lifestyle was based on a consumer economy.
  • During World War 1, the U.S government needed to buy uniforms resulting in standard clothing size.

The Great Depression

  • What become known as the great depression lasted through the 1930's.
  • The great depression was also hard on farmers.

Interesting Facts

  • In The 1920's, Kansas state government took a stand against the KKK.
  • A powerful lantern was made and sold by the Coleman Company and by 1920 the factory was producing 50,00 lanterns a year.