6th grade Lineville Technology

By: Izzy Rizzo

Typing Web

*In this website we do five minutes of typing each day for class.

*You must pass the intermediate course for the first semester.

*On the website you have to get a 80% or higher to pass to the next course.


*This is where you must crate a iTrailer of your choice.

* So I thought this was the most fun project of all.

*The project was on the app iMovie on your iPad.

Haiku Deck

*On this project you had to make a presentation on your dream job.

* This was a fun project but scary because you had to present the presentation to the class.

*You had to have flash cards or notes on your iPad about what you were going to say but it cant match what your slides say.

Explain Everything

*This project you had to choose one math problem out of ten on Schology

* You had to them explain how you solved your problem you chose

* Then you have to record your self talking though it

Career Locker

* This is when Mrs. VadenBoogaard comes and you go on to a site called Career Locker

* In this you take tests to see what you would be good doing for a career

* You can also see where your dream job might be on the list of what jobs you would be good at

Big image


* This is a website where you have to code by using word blocks to move charters

* The most common one we use is the Hour of Code

* You get graded by how far you get in your Hour of Code