Copper Sun

Sharon Draper

Book Review by Jaya Leak

Amari was ready for life ahead of her. She was a 15 year old african girl living in her village when white men killed and captured villagers. Polly was a 17 year old indentured slave. She and Amari were taken to the Derby plantation to work as slaves. They were freed and tried to find there way to freedom.

Sadly, in Copper Sun i couldn't relate to any characters. The only thing I have felt from the book is being along. Copper Sun was a great book. My favorite part of the book is when Polly, Amari, and Tidbit were set free by the doctor. My least favorite part was Master Derby shot the baby and Noah. If I could change anything it would be how the book ended.

Copper Sun was a great book and I recommend it to anybody wants a good book to read. If you like a dramatic book , then you would love Copper Sun!

Copper Sun By Sharon M. Draper | Book Trailer