Alan's Awesome Bucket List

April 2014

Hang gliding in Rio!

Tourist come from all over the world to hang gliding in the mountains of Rio. The amazing views are breathtaking. I think this would be a great destination to visit for my bucket list.

The mountains in Rio were formed from physical weathering. Wind erosion acted upon the land form.

Rio de Janeiro - Hang Gliding

Hiking the Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon is one of The United States great National Parks. To the left you will see a little bit of the canyon.

The Grand Canyon was formed from physical weathering. Water erosion acted upon the canyon.

Stairway to Heaven!

The guy in the video is climbing a staircase called the Haiku Stairs. It may not look like he is that high, but he is actually 14,000 ft in the sky. I climbed these stairs myself and it was awesome! my phone stopped working at about 7,000 ft.

These mountains were formed from physical weathering. Wind erosion acts upon these mountains.

Stairway to Heaven (Haiku Stairs - Oahu)

Scuba Diving in Figi

Figi is a very exotic location, off the coast of Australia. Where some lucky tourists are going to scuba dive.

The location they are diving in was formed by physical weathering. The reef is acted on by water erosion.

Diving Fiji, Scuba dive in Taveuni, Bligh Water and the Koro Sea: sharks, manta rays, octopus

Rock Climbing in China

Not many people get to go to China, but if you do, check out the rock climbing.

The reef was formed from physical wethering. water erosion acts on the reef.