The Anti HERO

Smore #3

The Anti Hero

The anti hero is not the villain. They are not the antagonist, but the main character. Like everyone else in society, he conforms with the rules set by higher powers in control.... at first. The anti hero can't help but not conform and take that higher power head on. With the traits showed by the anti hero, such as acting as an individual or their free wandering mind, they are seen as a threat to the "perfect society" and must be taken out of the picture. The anti hero is then usually killed.

I did not see Macbeth as a hero at all throughout the whole play. Macbeth was a good servant to king Duncan at one point but only once. Macbeth had everything. He had more than enough for himself. He even grew up with more than enough. He was Thane of Cawdor, Thane of Glamis, he just had to be King of Scotland too. Macbeth is greedy when it comes to power. His flaw was that after he killed Duncan he didn't know how to stop. He let the want for power take over. Along with allowing his wife to persuade him do something he knew was wrong. Because of this he ended up decapitated and overthrown.

The book/movie " The Maze Runner" is an example set in a dystopian society. The story is about a group of kid that were selected as kids for an experiment that could pontentially save the world that they live in. The kids dont know that though. All they know is they were put in a maze with no memory of their lives before they maze. The only thing they were allowed to keep was their name. Every morning the gate that surrounds them opens in the morning and closes at night to protect them from "the Grievers". Every morning the "runner" assigned to solve the maze are sent out every morning and expected to be back before the gate closes. One one has survived a night in the Maze before. Thomas, the protagonist/anti hero comes along and does the complete opposite of what everyone else wants to do. He is curious about whats outside the walls they live in and is breaking all the rules. He doesn't conform with the groups way of living and later ends up leading a group of kids out of the maze, which ended being a test for their next trial. The people who put them in there weren't the enemy at all but the maze itself.