Bobcat Bulletin

September 28, 2015

Dear FSS Staff,

Here is a quote I saw this week, "We test digitally yet teach with paper and pencil." This is a very good point. As we look into the future, we are responsible for preparing our students for the world ahead. We have to balance our current best teaching practices with innovation. Our students are completely dependent on us to get them ready. So, as daunting as this task is, keep delivering lessons that align to CA Content Standards, assessing for mastery and encourage them to think critically and use innovative concepts like technology. Check out the link below for additional insight.

Important Info:

1. Chrome books are coming-We will have 1:1 in K-6 in no time. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth grade students will all have a Chromebook by the end of October. They will be used in class this year. James Masters, our STEM TOSA, will help you integrate them with your regular content. The plan is for the Chrome books to be as tools to support content and not shiny, expensive dictionaries.

2. Mini PD's-We will begin hosting trainings each week based on important topics and trends. Yvette will advertise the day/time/schedule. They will be after school for about 45 min and you will be paid for attendance.

3. Meet the Masters-The expectation is that every class teaches all 7 lessons during the year. Grade Level leaders will be given the art baskets each month and will rotate them among the grade level.

4. Posting standards- We are seeing a trend of standards/objectives posters on really nice ELA and Math focus walls. I think we need to rethink this practice. We want current standards to be displayed at the front of the room for you to use as a tool.

You have to be able to teach from them. Kids have to be able to see and know what they are learning. They can be typed in large font, written on sentence strips and put in pocket charts, written on the whiteboard...They do not have to be on chart paper. I will share a few pictures below. Let's think about the ELA, and Math focus wall. Can this be for artifacts of recent work? If so, post the standard next to the work.

5. Continue to reflect on the "tasks" or "seat work" you assign. What is the intended outcome? Is it aligned to the standards you are teaching or is it a standard taught in a lower grade level? Is it the best use of our valuable time? If you have any concerns about justifying the task (crossword puzzles, cutting and sorting, word searches...axe them! You can never go wrong with having kids write in journals. Assign free writing, writing to a question or topic, drawing a graphic organizer...while you take roll. Keep looking for ways to bump up the rigor.

Here's to a great week!


Ideas for posting standards and objectives.