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April 2022: Volume 1, Issue 3

Wessels Book Club

The Spring Book Club will be wrapping up at the end of April. This semester, we have been reading Joy Harjo’s memoir, Crazy Brave as well as bits and pieces of the Norton Anthology of Native Nations Poetry, When the Light of the World was Subdued, our Songs Came Through. These titles have lent themselves to some enlightening conversations and have tied in well with National poetry month right around the corner.

We are contemplating a summer book club. If this is something you would be interested in being a part of, please fill out this form.

Our Fall book club will be highlighting a banned book in light of Banned Book Week celebrated in October. That title will be unveiled in May, so stay tuned!

Facilitor: Steffi Hiltgen

Wessels' Trivia Question


Here's the Wessels Library trivia question: Where can you go online through the Wessels Library to conduct research that pulls in all of Wessels resources? (The first correct answer will win a $10 Chick-fil -A gift card.)

Newberry College Building Focus

Smeltzer Hall Is The Oldest Building at Newberry College.

Smeltzer Hall was built in 1877-78 on the site of the original college building, which had been built in 1857-58; that building had no name other than Newberry College. In the spring of 1865, near the end of the Civil War, part of the original building was briefly used as a Confederate hospital. After the war ended, Union troops occupied the campus for a few months in the summer and fall of 1865. The original building, already in poor condition, deteriorated further after the war. Newberry College actually relocated to Walhalla, in Oconee County in the upcountry, from 1868 to 1877. When the college returned to Newberry from Walhalla the administration asked an architect to assess the original building; he recommended that the college tear it down and build a new one. The two large granite balusters flanking the College Street entrance of Smeltzer Hall are all that remains of the original college building.

When the new building was completed in 1878 it also had no name and was simply called Newberry College. It was named Smeltzer Hall in 1904 for President Josiah Pearce Smeltzer (1818-1877), who served as Newberry’s president for sixteen years from the opening days of the Civil War in 1861 until the college moved back to Newberry in 1877.

Newberry admitted its first women day students in 1897, and its first women residential students in 1926. Smeltzer Hall has been a women’s dormitory since 1930.

Wessels Library Statistics

Since July 1st, Wessels Added 337 volumes.

Total Loans since August: 687

Total Number of Physical Volumes in The Collection: 39,367

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Russ Conrath's Podcast Corner for Wessels

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Poetry Resource Through SCDISCUS.org

Gale eBooks, Poetry For Students database Features discussion and analysis of poems of all time periods, nations, and cultures. Provides an overview of the poem and discussion of its principal themes, images, form and construction.

To access this resource, please go to scdiscus.org and search for Gale eBooks Poetry for Students. If you need the password for DISCUS, South Carolina's online library, you may ask any of the staff at the Wessels library for it or email Russ Conrath, the Outreach Librarian, at Russ.Conrath@Newberry.edu

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