GCS Elementary Library

What's Happening in the Library #3

Fifth Grade

5th Grade is studying The Atlas this month. The students are each writing a question from The Atlas and then we will play our annual game--"Knock Out." The 5th grader whose question can't be answered will win a free lunch. Who will win this year???

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade is working on Non-Fiction books in the library and during F&F.

We are learning about the different parts of Non-Fiction books using the book,

A Pet for Every Person.

Third Grade

Biography, Biography, Biography---that is what Third Grade is reading. We also watched a short interview of Patricia MacLachlan introducing her new book--the prequel to The Boxcar Children.

We can't wait to read it.

Authors Revealed: Patricia MacLachlan

Second Grade

Second grade is listening to the new Boxcar Children book by Patricia MacLachlan. Their teachers will read them the first Boxcar book this year as a read aloud.

First Grade

First Grade has been learning all about Fiction and Non-Fiction books. Non-Fiction books are a favorite of the first grade. Can you pick out the Non-Fiction book about elephants??

Kindergarten Library

If an old lady swallows some leaves, a shirt, a pumpkin, a pole, some pants, a rope, and some hay and then sneezes--What happens??? Ask any kindergarten student---they know.