By Lauren Oliver

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This novel, Delirium, is a dystopian fiction/romance, written by Lauren Oliver.

Everyone believes love is a disease, and that you should try to stay away from it. But there's always some rebels among the city. Lena Haloway is a 17 year old girl that wants to have the procedure to get the disease taken out of her so badly, until a boy named Alex appears in her life. They spend almost everyday together, they know more about each other that they know about themselves. Three days before Lena is supposed to have the procedure Alex and herself try to escape to the wilds, One dies trying to get across the fence and one survives.

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In the future love is not a good thing. Love thought to be something that could tear you apart. Love could ultimately destroy what the USA has tried so hard to get. So the President got rid of it.


The procedure is to take any and all emotion out of a person, especially love. The doctors cut into the patients brain and take out their neurons that control emotion also know as Deliria


Declaring love (deliria) a disease may be one of the worst decisions the United States of America has made in a long time. People committing suicide because they want to be able to feel emotion. People running away to a place called the wilds because they couldn't take the pressure of society anymore, running away causes them to become invalids. The most extreme form of this was being executed by government officials because you were caught having feelings.

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Above is what I imagined the fence to look like

Below is what I imagined the wilds to look like

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The Wilds is where the Invalids live, The Invalids are the people that have run away from the main city and their system of protection. They live by their own rules and they let people feel emotions. Once you go to the wilds you are eliminated from the inner city's system. You are never allowed back into the city but if you do decide you want to go back you have to disguise yourself and you have to live with sympathizers.


I would personally recommend this book to anyone that likes science fiction including divergent, or the hunger games. It is a very intriguing book with a very detailed plot.

Important Characters

Hana- Lena's Best friend she is important because she supports everything that Lena does throughout the book.

Lena's mother- She was infected with Deliria and had multiple treatments but ended up "commiting suicide" and "dying", when really she was placed in the crypts, area 6

Carol Tiddle- Caretaker of Lena and her two cousins Jenny and Grace

Jenny and Grace- their mother and father were sympathizers and disappeared leaving their aunt to take care of them.

Alex- He is the person who infects Lena with Deliria