"The Shoe That Grows" at WMS

Helping kids in the Dominican Republic

We're excited to share with you an amazing opportunity to make a positive impact on kids living in extreme poverty. We hope you'll partner with us in this effort to send The Shoe That Grows to children in the Dominican Republic. These shoes grow 5 sizes and last for 5 years! Check out this video to learn more!

Who will get the shoes that are purchased from the money raised by the West Middle School community?

Children in the Dominican Republic will receive our shoes through an organization called Project Mañana International. This organization is based in the Dominican Republic and helps impoverished children and their families through clean water, nutrition, and education projects.

$15 will buy 1 pair of shoes & will last for 5 years!


11/20 - Kickoff Assembly

11/23-12/11 - Lids for Kicks and Penny Wars - Raising Money

12/18 - Celebration & Send-Off Assembly

Want to contribute to our efforts?

Or drop off your donation to the West Middle School main office!