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Twitter: Who to Follow

Follow @ICTEvangelist for ideas around implementing the use of iPads into lessons. On his blog he has a range of posts highlighting how iPads can be used in lessons as well as a whole host of additional ideas to enhance teaching and learning.

PE App of the Week

Weekly Recommended iPad App

Funny Movie Maker - Create mini audio clips and movie clips of famous sports athletes by uploading a picture of them and replacing their mouth with your own mouth. Possibly a great way to deliver plenaries and engage students in the process. Also potential scope for possible BTEC assignments

Free Apps

I came across this last week and it is useful. Follow @AppsGoneFreeDaily and if you click on the link it directs you to a selection of Apps which are free for the day. It is normally updated late afternoon. Now some of the Apps available are not educational but some can be used and certain Apps are often worth £3-5. I got a pro scanner for that value last week. Obviously if you want them on the student iPads just let BKE know

Back to Basics: Learning Objectives 2

I thought it would be worth sharing the follow up to last weeks blog about Learning Objectives from @MrWickensPE about using the objectives "know", "understand" and "be able to"

PE tip of the week @PETotd

Building on from last weeks recommendation to follow @PETotD I have shared 2 tweets that seem simple and effective ideas for use in Athletics and Fitness

“@PE_TotD: Fitness: if you have cardio machines that can give Kcal estimates - set some "calorie burn" targets. Kids pick a target that lesson #PETotD”

“@PaulSteanson: @PE_TotD Middle distances: choice to join fast, medium or easy pack. Bib-up packs. Set off at intervals. Easy first. Aim to pass those ahead”

The Theory Exam is Coming

The theory exam is 3 weeks away Tuesday 14th May at 1:30pm. This blog post from @SubjectSupport which is also an effective CPD tool for teaching and learning ideas has a few hints and tips for getting the revision process underway