Academy School Wide Project!

Featuring Our Students and Community Partners

The Focus

Academy students recently completed a week-long authentic project with the City of Bloomington's Economic and Sustainable Development Department. Various community organizations presented a sustainability issue and asked students to design a campaign that raises awareness. The culminating event of their school-wide project was a gallery walk and formal presentation of their group's campaign. Read below and watch the video about each of the seven Academy teams!

School-Wide Project Showcase

Free the Raindrop and Purely Blue/City of Bloomington Utilities

Students created two animated videos of Bloomington's storm water cycle; one video utilized stop motion animation and the other provided a voice over. Our goal is to explain the process of watersheds and how pollution can be a big problem for our ecosystem.

My Energy Kit Challenge/National Theatre for Children/Duke Energy

Students promoted Duke Energy, both online via web site and through social media. Our goal is to convince the larger community to sign up and get the free energy saving kit from Duke. Take the My Energy Kit Challenge.

Say Reusable and Bag It Bloomington/Monroe County Solid Waste Management

We've designed a campaign to spread awareness about the problems surrounding plastic bags and their widespread use. Our goal is to reduce the amount of plastic bags by encouraging people to buy reusable bags and to say reusable instead of plastic. View the details of each of our campaigns here and here.

Bring It Back, Bloomington/B-Town in Bloom/City of Bloomington Planning and Transportation

Students created a web site to inform citizens about native and nonnative plants. A matchmaker quiz was also created to find the perfect plant for their needs. Our goal is to encourage Bloomington residents to plant native plants in their gardens.

ASE for Lake Monroe and for Sustainable Water Quality/Friends of Lake Monroe

Students created an informative video that explains the dangers of unclean water. Our goal is to use social media to spread awareness about pollution in Lake Monroe. We also want to provoke the community to act.

Sounding the SIREN/Solarize Bloomington Schools/SIREN

Students conducted a campaign to persuade the MCCSC to become energy efficient by promoting the environmental benefits of going solar. Our goal is for small businesses and the ASE community to know more about SIREN. Read more about our campaign here. Learn about solar panels here.

Composting for Sustainability and for You/City of Bloomington: Economic and Sustainable Development

Students created multiple forms of media, including a website, poster, pamphlet, video, and infographics, all of which promote composting. Our goal is to increase awareness of the importance of this practice. Learn more about composting here.
Big picture

School-Wide Project Award Winners!

People's Choice: "Bag It, Bloomington," Facilitated by Mrs. Novak

Best Campaign: "Free the Raindrop," Facilitated by Ms. Bahr

Best Presentation: "Composting for Sustainability," Facilitated by Mr. Schlup

Spirit Award: "B-Town Bloom," Facilitated by Mr. Turner

Each student in these groups received an environmentally friendly prize (examples include a lunch box, metal straws, and little plant people).

Thank You to Our Community Partners

City of Bloomington Economic & Sustainable Development, Autumn Salamack, Assistant Director Savannah Rique, Intern

City of Bloomington Planning and Transportation, Linda Pride Thompson, Senior Environmental Planner

City of Bloomington Utilities, Kriste Lindberg, Education Specialist

Monroe County Solid Waste Management District, Elisa Pokral, Community Outreach Coordinator

Friends of Lake Monroe, Bet Savich, Board Member

Solar Indiana Renewable Energy Network (SIREN), Darrell Boggess, Consultant

National Theatre for Children, Elisabeth Narlock