The Me Project

Fizza Akhtar

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Who Am I?

The "Me" I am today is a person who is kind, understanding and trustworthy. I am 15 years old and I have a great interest for the art within the fashion industry. I have had a great passion for it for the past two years. I also identify myself as an intersectional feminist.

My Favourite Things.

My Schooling

While I lived in Scarborough, I attended Vradenburg Jr. Public School. I went from kindergarten till the third grade. After moving to Brampton, I attended Hewson Public school and my best year there was my 5th grade year. I had the best teacher and I had that great teacher-student bond with him. After that I went to Sunnyview Middle School throughout grade six-eight. The high school I am now attending is Louise Arbour and I'm still waiting more memorable moments but I'm currently enjoying the school year with my best friends.

My Friends

The top five way to keep a friend is to be flexible, to stay committed, to be patient with friends, to communicate, and to maintain balance. With all these traits it will be much easier and better to maintain a friendship with people. I know this because I have experienced all this with my best friends for about four years now.
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people in my life

The person that is the most important to me would have to be my mother. She is kind, honest and stubborn. The reason why she is very important to me I because I don't know what I would do without her. I share almost everything with her and she gives me the best advice from situations she had already experienced. Although she can be annoying and stubborn about things, she is the most understanding person and she has affected me by teaching me what are the rights and wrongs. She is my person and I am hers. That is why she is important to me.
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my future

For my future, I am not quite sure as of now what exactly I want to be. Although I do know what direction I would like to head in which is Business. I know for sure that I would not like to be involved in the food industry because my father already has experience with that. During further the course, I hope to figure out exactly what I want to be.