By Coleman Elam


In Sweden, there is about 9.7 million people. About 1 out of 5 people living there are from another country. Swedish fish are made in Sweden and Canada.
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Geography and Travel

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden is the largest city. Their average high temperature is 30*f and their average low is 22*f. Sweden is 1,574 kilometers long from top to bottom. One of the best tourist sites is the mountains and caves. There are about two thousand of them.

Government/Foreign Policy

Sweden's government is a parliamentary democracy. It is run by the Prime Minister, who is the head of the government. Right now Stefan Löfven is the Prime Minister. He was elected in 2014. Sweden is part of the united nations, they joined 19 November 1946.
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The GPA for Sweden is 44,028 dollars that people make each year. One Swedish Krona = .12 US dollar. Sweden's currency of money is called Krona. Sweden has the 29th largest exporting economy in the world.
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Social and Ethnic Groups

Most people in Sweden are Swedish. The next popular ethnic group in Sweden is other Europeans.
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Religion, Language, Country Flag

The most common language in Sweden is Swedish, but a lot of people also speak English. Lutheran Christianity is the most popular religion in Sweden. 6.3 million people go to Lutheran Churches. The Swedish flag is made of only two colors, yellow and blue. The yellow on their flag means generosity and the blue means loyalty, truth and justice.
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Traditional Holidays or Festivals, Traditional Clothing, and Food

Sweden's day of independence is June 6. In Sweden their Easter holiday is called pask. The have a holiday called International Worker's Day. Their traditional food is a cardamon cream buns.
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Data Maps, Data Graphs

Most people in Sweden are from Sweden or From other close European countries, mostly tourists. The people in Sweden are mostly Lutheran Christians.


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