Al Capone

The Best of Times and The Worst of times

Biography of Al Capone

Al Capone was born January 7, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York. Al Capone grew up in a bad neighborhood and was a member of two gangs, "The Brooklyn Rippers" and " The Forty Thieves". Al Capone quit school when he was in the sixth grade at age 14. While in between 3 jobs he became apart of the notorious "Five Points" gang. After getting in all kinds of facial scars in fights with other gang members he got the nickname Scarface. In 1918 Capone met a Irish girl named Mary Coughlin. She gave birth to their son and were married December 30 that year. Al was arrested for disorderly conduct while working at Yale. He also killed two men in New York but was put in jail because no one said they heard or saw anything. After hospitalizing a gang member Yale sent him to Chicago til things cool off.


Al Capone Moved into a house located at 7244 South Prarie Avenue in Chicago. Capone went to work for Yale's old mentor, John Torrio, Torrio saw Capone's potential. A Combination of intelligence and strength. He encouraged his protege. Soon enough Capone was helping manage Torrio's bootleg buisness. In 1922 Capone was Torrio's Number two man and soon became a full partner in all his saloons, gambling houses, and brothels. When Torrio was shot by a rival gang Capone took in the buisness. The men that worked for him called him the "Big Fellow". Capone soon proved that he was a better leader and better at orginization. Between 1925 and 1930 Capone owned all the bootlegging buisnesses and was and was reported to have an income of 100,000,000 dollars a year. Although attempts on killing Capone were unsucessful Capone was good at killing the enemy. Most of the time gunman stayed in a room across the street and gunned down them as they walked out of the building. Although Capone would kill he was normally generous. He opened soup kitchens when the market crashed. In 1931 Capone was indicted for tax invasion. He was found not guilty on 18 of 23 charges. He went to Atlanta to serve 11 years. when he got out he stilled had to pay over 37,000 dollars. He also had to go serve his one year of misdemeanor sentence. When he was released he went to his home in palm island where he relaxed on November 16, 1939. January 24 he died of cardiac arrests.

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