The Pad: Join Our Coworking Space


Do you find yourself lounging in cafes in the middle of commotion and distraction, or hiding in between cubicles of your current work space feeling unmotivated, or desperate for another cup of coffee while studying for finals week but you have no more change in your pocket?

Here at Silicon Valley Pad, we aim to cultivate a healthy balance of work and lifestyle. We provide the space and amenities, so all you have to do is bring in your ideas and laptop! We're an all-inclusive coworking space, so what you see is what you get.

Coffee enthusiasts are welcome as we present premium fresh coffee on brand rotation, so you can drink up to your heart's desire. Free wi-fi keeps you in the loop, basic office supplies are included in the membership so you'll always have the tools to develop and succeed, and the onsite community manager is here to help you scan, print and welcome you into our space.

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Included in our flat membership fee is:

- Access to all community events, such as; free monthly lunches, Thirsty Thursdays, Holiday Parties, Summer BBQs, etc

- Unlimited access/use of internet, meeting rooms, printers, office supplies

- Kitchen stocked with fresh premium coffees, soft drinks, fruit, nuts and granola bars

- Outside picnic area with BBQ with wifi access

- Free parking in large lot in front of the building

- Weekly Food Truck schedule

*Members have 24/7 access

Stop by for a tour and find out how you can get a free one day trial with The Pad

We are open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm for tours.