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Spring Hill Band Earns 1st Division!

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Excellence is defined as the condition of being superior. Year after year, Mr. Kiser and the Blue Brigade work towards achieving excellence well before the start of the school year. Excellence is not achieved through luck or hope, it is achieved through great leadership, a strong plan, and hard work. Yesterday afternoon, the Spring Hill HS Band earned 1st division marching contest rating for the 15th consecutive year!

The judges and other directors in attendance at the contest were extremely complimentary of the SH band and our school district. Some of the judges' comments were: "It is very obvious that the band is very well supported at Spring Hill", "Great attention to detail", "Good confidence in all drill maneuvers". It was great to see everyone at the contest supporting our group and through a generous sponsorship from our local music store, many were able to stream the contest live online.

After the contest, the band boosters were in full support, as always, providing a Burger Bash for the students and parents.

From Mr. Kiser - "The band and the directors would like to thank the teachers, administrators, parents and students of the Spring Hill band program for their support. It takes more than the band staff to help our students be successful. Our teachers have been especially generous with their own time during tutorials to help our students be academically successful, so they can participate with the band."

Congratulations to the SH Marching Band on 15 years of Excellence!

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Panther Athletic Scores


JV won 7 -2 vs. Center

Jr. High Football

8th A won 26-16 vs.Center

7A lost 40-12 vs. Center

Jr. High Volleyball

7B: split with Chapel Hill: 24-26 them, 25-16 us

7A: lost in 3: 25-20 us, 23-25 them, 24-26 them

8B: won both 25-11, 25-19

8A: won both 25-8, 26-24

Art Contest available for SHISD students

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