Enslaved African American

Colonial Virginia in the past

Tobacco farm

As an enslaved African, one of my jobs is to work in the tobacco fields. The English men use the tobacco for money. They call tobacco there cash crop. My owner was a wealthy gentleman. It was hard to work in the fields because the climate was really hot and I couldn't handle it. I still worked because you know If I don't, bad things will happen.

Frisky horse

Did you know that I had to help my owner put the horse and the wagon together? Well, it wasn't that easy I had to go through many tasks. I thought it was a little fun and hard at the same time. You could find out how I feel if you were a slaved men.

Delicious food

Man, I wish I could have all that food. My owner gives me a low variety of stuff to keep me alive. Do you know how I feel? I starve everyday,but I am still thankful I even get food.

Warm fire

Look at that warm fire I wish I could have. I work, work, work and never get to sit down. I work 24/7 ( 24 hours a day). I think that should be me sitting by the fire and being cozy warm. That fire was made by flint and steel by my owner that doesn't appreciate my work.

Helping nursery

Do you see that lady their? She is a person who helps people when they are sick. Of course I can't go there because my owner doesn't care if I die or not. She is carrying a cast thing for your leg if you brake it. Did you know you have to lay in bed for about 3 months.