Endangered Species

The Piping Plover

Things to know

Common name: Piping plover

Scientific name: Charadrius melodus

Habitat: North Carolina's Coastal Plains

Why is it in danger?

A lot contributes to why the piping plover is endangered. For one, their nests are constantly being trampled on by those who live on the beach and sometimes even the presence of people causes these birds to leave their nests, subjecting their young (eggs) to the dangers of predators and the hot sun. Not to mention that many of the beaches piping plovers use for nesting ground are lost to commercial, residential, and recreational developments which leaves them for no safe to raise their young. Slowly they are being eliminated from the equation and soon they will be if no actions are taken to protect them.

What's being done to protect them?

The measures that have been done to protect piping plovers has so far been extensive, these measures include controlling human access to nesting areas, monitoring nesting activity, and protecting nests, eggs and young birds from predators. Many States and private agencies are running successful public information campaigns to raise awareness of the plover's plight.
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