Save The Oil & Petroleum

Our plan

1. Get donations

a. Have a silent auction

b. Sell food.

2. Hire inventors.

3. Create invention that causes an automobile to run on water.

4. Get government to approve them.

5. Have them attached on everyone's car when they go for a maintenance check up.

Our Invention

We are going to create a machine that can easily be attached to a car and allows it to use water as fuel instead of gas or oil. We chose to make an attachable invention because it will be more affordable than to buy a new eco-friendly car instead.

Dear President Obama,

We would like you to approve of our invention. Our invention is the WaterToGo. This invention can easily attach to any automobile and changes what it uses to fuel the car. This is more efficient and costs less than creating a new eco-friendly car and selling that. More people buy the WaterToGo because they can save money, and not everybody needs a new car. If this is approved, it can be sold and attached at any autoshop when somebody goes in for a maintenance check up. We believe this can save money in the long run because this invention allows you to use water as fuel instead of oil. While freshwater is a limited resource, WaterToGo can be used with salt water as well. WaterToGo will not completely depend on water. It can be used with water, electricity, or oil.

We want you to approve this because our country is currently completely dependent on oil. This is problematic because 18% of the oil in the world is located in the Middle East, which is where we buy our oil from. Since we are so dependent on oil, they can change the price to whatever they want, and we would have to buy it because we need the oil. This is not the right way for us to live though. We believe that we shouldn't have to depend on other countries for fuel.

As you can see from our invention, our invention is very flexible towards what can be used for fuel. As of now, there are 3 options, but we hope that if this is used, we can get more inventors from around the world to help and create even more options. This invention can change the world and help us become more eco-friendly by reducing the emission of green house gases. We hope you will approve this so we can all work together to create an eco-friendly country that does not have to depend on others.