Mid-Week Mini

Middle of the Week Reminders From Room 313


HUGE shout out to Blake Wallace for seeing our newsletter and rising to the challenge! She sent in over 115 snack baggies for our class!! She took our box of Goldfish and pretzels and individually bagged them for our class last night! She also bought more snack and bagged that too! THANK YOU MRS.WALLACE.

Also, another HUGE shout out to the Chen family for donating Goldfish and a bag of pretzels!!!

New Classroom Policies

Due to many distractions and requests to use the bathroom outside of our 5 scheduled class bathroom and water breaks each day, we have started a new policy.

Each morning students are given 5 red tickets. They may choose to spend them or save them to purchase in class coupons.

If a student asks to leave the classroom during instruction, outside of one of our 5 scheduled breaks, then he/she must pay a red ticket to leave. This has helped reduce the number of times students are leaving during instruction and small groups with the teacher are being interrupted.

Students also pay tickets for:

  1. shouting out
  2. not turning in their assigned pencil at the end of the day then asking me to sharpen it after the 8:00am bell.
  3. calling home for irresponsibility issues (i.e. leaving a play script at home, not wearing appropriate shoes for gym and needing new ones, left homework at home, etc)
  4. not following directions the first time

So far, this new policy has really increased our learning time and made a much happier class.


Please remember there is no school for students on Monday or Tuesday this coming week!! Happy 4 day weekend!!

Also, as it gets colder please remember jackets, hats, scarfs and gloves for recess. Students are outside for 30 minutes each day and are not able to come inside during that time as they would be unsupervised.

We are required to take students outside as long as it is sunny each day. There are very few days we stay inside for recess if it is 20 degrees or warmer.