Animal adaptations



The Lion, tiger, and cheetah use their teeth to bring down their prey when hunting. All these animals have teeth that are long and curve a little.


Lions mostly stay where their prey would be, much like a water source. When the lion is hunting, they can hunt in both night and day. when they are close to their prey they leap and grab the prey and drag it down and kill it.
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When tigers attack their prey they grab the animal with it's claws and then sink it's teeth into it. Much like the lion, tigers also wait by a pond or water source to wait for their prey and then strike. But the tigers attack many more types of animals like the crocodiles, leopards, and pythons!
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Unlike the lion or tiger, the cheetah uses speed to catch it's prey. The cheetah's max speed is around 60 mph! when hunting once they have an animal to hunt, they run extremely fast to catch a fast Gazelle. Once close they leap and sink their teeth into the animal and kill it. Much like the tiger.
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