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Your Side Chick | Edition 15 | April 4, 2016

Work Hard, Puff Hard

My first month at goPuff can be summed up in three sentences: "You've never heard of goPuff?! Well, we're an on-demand delivery service that delivers whatever you want in 30 minutes or less, all night long, for just $1.95. I know, crazy."

I moved to Philadelphia and joined the goPuff marketing team in August 2015 on the cusp of our first campus "tour," a three-week adventure that spanned twenty or so universities across Philly, Boston and DC. We woke up, put on our goPuff shirts and downed large iced coffees, set up a big blue tent in quads or at bars, lured in unsuspecting freshman with the gimmick of their first free shot glass, wooed them with our shpiel about how dope goPuff is, slept, and did it all over again. We were basically the Rolling Stones minus the sex, drugs and rock and roll. So basically we weren't the Rolling Stones at all.

Though being able to travel and meet so many new faces was thrilling, the days became routine and the speech because automatic and the caffeine became necessary. "Delivery. All night long. 30 minutes. $1.95. I know, crazy." So swept up in the familiarity of our service, I forgot how unfamiliar our service was to the person on the receiving end.

Imagine being a college sophomore again. You're broke, hungover, and late to nearly all of your commitments. How awesome it would have been to learn about a company that would bring you Gatorade and Advil just in time for you to catch the last 10 minutes of your bio lecture and you wouldn't even have to ask your parents for money for it. And how awesome it would have been if that company did exactly what that girl in the goPuff shirt and large iced coffee under the big blue tent promised it would.

No one said this would be easy. Fun, yes. Wild, yes. Hard to explain to your friends and family, yes. But easy? No. We all work way too hard and way too passionately at goPuff for our efforts to go unfulfilled. And our customers are way too stoked about goPuff for their orders to go unfulfilled. Nothing about our business is mundane or usual, so nothing about our day-to-day responsibilities should feel mundane or usual (even if they sometimes are). Don't do laps around the warehouse or clock nocturnal hours or stand in the sun reciting the same three sentences again and again just because it's your job. Do it because this is greater than you, and because you are great, and because you get to be a part of something extraordinary. I know, crazy.

This Week In goPuff, brought to you by Drizzy:

Ads Suck...Unless They're Ours

We're going to be running a bunch of ads that will pop up on your favorite apps and websites (as banners, squares, full screen). They should be FUN, CATCHY, and NOT COMPLETELY ANNOYING. If you have ideas send them over to the marketing team!

Munch Madness

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Spotlight: Matt

Name: Matt Broadwater
Age: 24
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Position: Philly Operations Manager, soon-to-be Seattle Regional Manager

Describe yourself in three words.
Big booty hoes. [BEAT] Ambitious, family oriented, hard working.

If you think I'm using your second answer you're wrong.
Why? I love my family. goPuff family included.

That was five words.
Real answers: innovative, obnoxious, personable.

Now describe yourself in three words a connoisseur would use to describe cheese.
Sharp, bold, elastic.

Speaking of, what's your cheesiest pick up line?
Are you the cutie they named the pie after...hi my name's Derrick Diesel.

What's your favorite thing about working at goPuff?
I love the inviting personalities through the offices and warehouse. Even when there is bickering it's still family-like.

Let's talk about Seattle. Rumor has it you're moving out there to pursue your life goal and audition for the sequel, "51 Shades of Grey." Is this true?
Although grey is my favorite color...that is false. But who told you that...cause it's true.

I know a guy. When you're not auditioning for mediocre-at-best films, what will you be doing out there?

Working non-stop til goPuff is a class that I teach at UDub. I want to be 24 hours and have the beer store up and running by July 4th. Oh and probably eating a ton of Kinder Hippos.

Ambitious. What are you most looking forward to about Seattle?
The best part about moving to Seattle is that I'll have my right hand man Jeremy there to help me tremendously. A chance to introduce a whole new service and concept to a city is exciting. But I don't plan on stopping at Seattle...I hope to help the company expand and move on to more cities in the future.

What's your motto?
"For every level there is a different devil."

If you could switch places with one goPuff employee for the day, who would it be?
Emily or Jake so I can meet new people in all the cities.

What's the best thing since sliced bread?
The oatmeal at Cafe Le Maude.

What advice would you give new managers or anyone starting at goPuff?
Don't stress when massive amounts of orders come in. Stay focused, get the orders packed correctly, and assign them to the fastest route possible.

You can have one meal with one person (alive or dead). What meal is it, who are you dining with and which one song is playing on repeat?
I would have shepherds pie with my grandmother while listening to Turn Up by Derrick Diesel.

You can write one question to be asked in this interview. What is it?
How did you come to pursue a job at goPuff?

Now answer it.

I actually hired myself. Simon took too long to bring me in for an interview so I just showed up one day and started working.