World War I

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Causes of World War I

One of the causes that triggered World War I was the assassination of Austrian archduke, Franz Ferdinand. Historians today still debate on what actually caused The Great War. The Australians weren't necessarily targeted in the War but because Australia is allies with Britain, we were to go to war and help them try and defeat the central powers.

Involvement in the War

The Australian soldiers were part of the Allies in the war who is apart of the British Empire. We involved ourselves in the war by fighting against the Central Powers and fighting for our country. Towards the end of the war our soldiers were either injured or many of them didn't come back at all. There were 61,966 Australian soldiers dead by the end and 152, 171 wounded. The Australian involvement in the war is still remembered till this day.

Significant Battles

Some of the significant battles in the war consisted of:

  • The Battle of Gallipoli- this battle must be the most respected and well known to Australians. Although it was a failure Australians still remember to this day on how it affected many soldiers and their families. It will never be forgotten.
  • The Battle of Ypres
  • The Battle of Formelle.

Impact of Great War on Australians at Home

The impact of war caused everyone to mostly support it but Conscription was being talked about and it didn't matter if you support it or not. Due to the war being so expensive the economy start to fall apart and that was when a new form of tax was created.


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Significance of ANZAC Day for Australians

The Battle at Gallipoli was a failure but that did not mean it out Australia to shame. ANZAC Day is important to Australians because it shows the courage, bravery and sacrifice that the soldiers had towards our country. And that will never be forgotten.