Big Hollow Schools

Big Hollow Primary and Elementary May 3, 2019

Big Hollow School District Mission and Vision

Our Vision: "Big Hollow School District #38 will be a model of student achievement for elementary school districts in the State of Illinois."

Our Mission: "Inspiring a diverse school community to be passionate and empathetic learners."

Big Hollow Cultural Fair- MAY 15TH!!!

Big Hollow 2nd Annual Cultural Fair - Calling All Families!

On the evening of May 15th from 5-6:30 pm, we’ll be having a fun family event, showcasing the many cultures represented in our school community. We hope to encourage our students to learn about other cultures, to celebrate what makes us all unique and to recognize cultural traits that we share. We cannot do this without your support, and are looking for parents who would like to share artifacts and traditions from around the country and globe with our students and families. Parents who are interested can share about holidays, traditions, clothing, games/toys, geographical location and landmarks, music, art, food, etc. Things families choose to showcase are not limited to places outside of our own country. Families can share about areas right here in the USA and what makes their family unique to help us all learn about one another. We are so excited for this event! We hope that you’ll consider sharing with our school community. We would all love to learn from you! If you would be interested in participating, please click here to complete this brief survey. THANK YOU!

Note: You can partner up with others! You don’t have to do your booth alone. We will organize groups based on our volunteers and topics and individuals can feel free to work together, if you choose!

More on this exciting event to come. Mark your calendars for the evening of May 15th. This will be fun for the whole family!

Summer School

Registration is open. Registration deadline is May 17, 2019. There will be no

registrations accepted on the first day of summer school. Registration and payment can

be completed online at You can also click here to register.

A registration confirmation letter will be emailed when your registration has been

received and processed. A final schedule, including busing, will be sent out the week

before summer school starts.

Transportation will be available for any Big Hollow Summer School student that has

completed registration by Friday, May 17th. We will need a minimum of 10 students

utilizing busing to provide transportation. All bus stops must be within the Big Hollow

district boundaries.

Class limits/cancellations: Early enrollment is important as classes are cancelled before

the opening of summer school if there is insufficient registration. Should a class not

reach the minimum number of students, a cancellation notice will be sent to parents. No refunds will be given after Friday, June 7, 2019.

Summer School course grade levels are intended for the current year in school (2018-19)

Enrichment Course Catalog

1. Reading and Math with P.E. Games

Kindergarten-1st Grade

Do playing P.E. games and math activities go together? They do this summer in Reading and

Math with P.E. Games! We will be the group having fun outside on the playground and in the

gym while practicing our reading and math skills. We will reinforce math and literacy skills with

games, activities, crafts, books, and centers. All students who are entering 1st or 2nd grade

in the fall will enjoy this active and engaging class!

2. For the Love of Picture Books


Explore picture books with reading, writing, STEM & craft activities

3. Our World Around Us


Students will explore nature with hands on experiences in and out of the classroom. We will

be investigating plants, insects, and much more to see just how our habitats thrives down to

the microscopic views of life. Students will intertwine a wide range of skills and take home a

wealth of knowledge. Sign up to join us on our adventure! This is one you won’t want to


4. Second Helping Reading


Students will continue to develop and improve their basic reading, comprehension and writing skills.

5. Second Helping Math

3 rd -5th

Students will continue to develop and improve their basic math concepts. Such as addition,

subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions,

Bus Driver Appreciation Week

Bus Driver Appreciation Week is May 13-17. Please consider having your students make cards, drawings, or letters for their bus driver!

Thank you!

School Supply Ordering for 2019-2020 School Year

Yes, we are already planning for school supplies for the 19-20 school year! Please see this link to order school supplies. The kits available wil be delivered to the Primary and Elementary classrooms before the start of school. Middle School kits will need to be picked up.

Elementary Countdown to Summer

The elementary building will be celebrating a countdown to summer! Here is the line up if your child would like to participate:

Outside Day -Tuesday, May 28 - Do something with your class outside

(weather permitting) Reading, walk the nature park, extra recess,

sidewalk chalk math. The possibilities are endless.

Camo day -Wednesday, May 29 - Maybe we won’t see them and they

won’t see us.

Exercise Day -Thursday, May 30 - Dress for exercising and take

movement/exercise breaks throughout the day.

All Star Day - Friday, May 31 - Dress for your favorite sport or sports team,

read a story about an athlete, or play a game of kickball.

Neon Day - Monday, June 3 - Dress in Neon Colors and brighten your day

Primary School Countdown

The primary building will be celebrating a countdown to summer! Here is the line up if your child would like to participate:

May 6 F Favorite Book Day- bring your favorite book to school

May 7 G Green Day- wear something green

May 8 H Hawaiian Day – wear Hawaiian clothes

May 9 I Inside out day- wear your clothes inside out to school

May 10 J Jammie day- wear your jammies to school

May 13 K Kindness Day- do some acts of kindness today

May 14 L Laptop Day- give “free choice” time on laptops

May 15 M Mismatch Day- wear mismatch clothing

May 16 N Number day- we will play number games in class

May 17 O Outside Day- enjoy an activity outside

May 20 P Purple Day- wear something purple

May 21 Q Quiet Reading Day- we will have quiet reading time

May 22 R Red Day- wear red

May 23 S Sports Apparel Day – wear your favorite team or sport

May 24 T T-Shirt Day -wear your favorite t-shirt

May 27 Memorial Day- No School

May 28 U USA Day -wear red, white, and blue

May 29 V Visit Day- Kindergarten will visit First Grade

May 30 W Walking Day- we will walk around the school

May 31 X Xtra recess Day

June 3 Y Yellow & Year End Day- wear yellow and help clean up the class

June 4 Z Zip Up & Zoom out day- zip up your backpack and zoom out!


Happy Spring!! Unfortunately with the warmer weather, tick season is upon us. We do our best to ensure students do not become exposed to ticks while at recess. However, it is always a good idea to be aware and check your children for ticks after they arrive home from school. Thank you for your help!

Primary School Showcase Information

May 14, 2019: Kindergarten Showcase @ 6:30pm

Doors open at 6:25 pm

Big Hollow Primary & Elementary Hours & Pick Up/Drop Off Information

Our school hours this year have been changed to 8:45-3:30 pm. The earliest time for drop off is 8:30 am. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THROUGH OUR EXIT WHICH IS LOCATED IN FRONT OF PRIMARY. Please only enter the parking lot closest to the bus parking lot.

When using the drop off lane, please be sure that students exit the vehicle on the curb side. Parents may not exit the vehicle. Be sure students only exit when your car is parked between the two crosswalks. We can best ensure the safety of all students, parents, and staff when our drop off procedures are followed.

If you are picking up your child from school, you must notify the school office by 2:15 pm. You can call earlier in the day, or even, days ahead of time. It is also very helpful to send your child's teacher a note in the agenda or an email.

If you have an emergency situation occur after 2:15 pm, please notify the office and an exception will be made.


Important Notice from Big Hollow's Warrior Café

Are Mornings hectic at your house - getting homework gathered,

back packs loaded and getting out the door in time to catch the bus or beat traffic?

Is there just not enough time for breakfast?

Well, let the Warrior Cafe help start your students day with a tasty healthy breakfast available everyday, and we offer hot breakfast 2-3 times each week. Check out our menu's located on Big Hollow's website under "What's for Breakfast and Lunch".



If you haven't already, we hope you will sign up at our website By signing up you will receive newsletters, volunteer signups, etc! It's the easiest way to get information!

Cindy Haran - President -

Communicates openly with the parents, administration, teachers, and community to create a strong, supportive PTO for Big Hollow. Oversees spirit wear sales, sponsorship requests and assists with event planning and execution. Executes and plans the Back-to-School Bash, GALA and annual BIG Golf Outing.

Angie Vasey- Vice President of Events -

Oversees the planning and execution of all events hosted by the Big Hollow PTO.These events include the Back to School Blast, the Children’s Resale, GLOW BINGO, FREE FAMILY FUN NIGHTS, Pizza Throwdown and Holiday Festival and so much more!

VP of Fundraising-Katie Hart

Volunteer Coordinator- Jerilyn Leonard

Jean Hayes - Secretary -

Creates agendas and takes minutes for all PTO meetings. Organizes all files, PTO calendars, and drives and maintains the website for the Big Hollow PTO. Oversees Big Hollow Book Fairs.

Sarah Johnsonbaugh - Treasurer -

Updates expenditures and income of the Big Hollow PTO. Maintains the PTO’s status as a 501c3 charity. Handles all banking responsibilities of the Big Hollow PTO.

Katie Pfisterer- District Liaison -

Communicates between the teachers and the PTO to make sure the logistics of events coordinate with the plans of District 38.



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Do you work for a local business? Do you possess talents or skills that could benefit our students and teachers? Would you be willing to be our partner to benefit our schools and improve the relationship between Big Hollow and the community?? We would love to enable our students to benefit from your expertise, unique talents or resources!!

Please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Michelle Hetrovicz at the Elementary School 8477405321, or Mrs. Lenayn Janusz at the Primary School 8477405320 if you are interested.

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Donations from Office Max

Parents- if you are interested in helping us get donations from Office Max, we would love your assistance! Office Max/Office Depot donates 5% back to Big Hollow School District when you make purchases at their stores! You just have to provide the school ID when you shop online, in-store, or by phone:

BHSD Primary: ID #70115039

BHSD Elementary: ID #70032818

BHSD Middle: ID #70032817

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Important Dates


May 6-10 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 12-18 National Transportation Safety Week & Bus Driver Appreciation Week

May 14- Kindergarten Showcase

June 4- Last Day of School

Click here for the Big Hollow School District Calendar at a Glance