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Nature Aptekindən Natural Remedies

Experts do not take more fluid in cold weather , especially in the sense that the plant is more beneficial for the organism of giving priority to rivers .

Drink hot water, added a little bit of honey strengthens the body's immune system .

Liquorice while maintaining the throat and lungs , clears the respiratory tract .

Cinnamon can help prevent harmful bacteria , which are compounds capable antimikrobioloji fitokimyasal items are available . Cinnamon pain, muscle and vascular sərtləsməsində useful .

Sage gingivitis , sore throat , cough is invaluable in the fight .

Clove is the destruction of bacteria and viruses , is used as an analgesic in toothache .

Honey stomach , bone diseases , heart failure , allergies , bronchitis , anemia , sore throat problems, more effective. Eliminates constipation , strengthens the heart , regulate blood circulation , is the treatment of wounds and burns . But along with the benefits of honey , can be harmful . More precisely , it is advised to be more careful during diabetes .

Containing animal protein , carbohydrate, calcium, iron , phosphorus , potassium , vitamin C is very useful fruit. In particular, is rich in vitamin C . Quince strengthens the stomach , intestine , and eliminates thin gut inflammation , cleanses the blood , boosts the activity of the liver , prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder , are also useful when you cough . Rinsing with water to soak the dried animal disappears when the inflammation of the throat .

The need to use animal cəyirdəyinin syrup respiratory tract infection . At the same time, the animal kernel boiling water or milk , 1 dessert qasıgınadək points , half a piece of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of ginger powder can be added to eliminate drink cough ( cough till this treatment , it is recommended to drink 1 cup per day ) .

Thyme in cough , bronchitis, chest pain , breathing problems, during treatment . Three tablespoons of boiling water, dried thyme, 1 tablespoon sage, 1 piece of licorice added , Prepare syrup . Use of and cough .