Potential Problems

Of Integrating Technology

Potential problem of integrating technology.

Hardware/Software. Often the most common factor deterring teachers from integrating technology into the classroom is the lack of hardware and software necessary to make true technology integration attainable.
Limited Familiarity. Depending on the age of your students and how accessible computers are in their lives, limited familiarity with technology among students could be a major stumbling block in technology integration.
Blogs and Discussion Boards. These are more effective when students work from home, unless you are able to bring your students into the lab everyday. This is an unrealistic expectation for schools that have one or two small labs that are being utilized for a large percentage of the day. Home bound technology assignments mean that some students, those who do not have access to the technology, would be at a great disadvantage, and would be unable to complete required assignments.
Podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to have students do reports, however, there are limits on what you are allowed to do with students, if you want to post anything on the internet, because of privacy and protection issues, as well as parental permission. Others types of tools affected by this are blogs and pictures.
Internet Safety. Training students to be aware of the safety issues in the internet world is necessary. Cyber bullies, pedophiles, scams, and identify theft are major issues when introducing students to the web.
Integrating Technology into classrooms