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Testing as a Genre Inquiry Continues...

Strategies we uncovered...

  • ruling out things that didn't match the language between the question and answer
  • reading the question first
  • constantly change our thinking and use key words to help
  • tests are unpredictable; can't plan for what we are going to see
  • find what you know and use those key words to help you think through the rest
  • use previous questions to help you answer other questions on a paper test
  • thinking through parts of the words
  • talk to yourself and the test are out-tricking them!

TFK-ish Writing: Trying It Out

Donald Sterling

Sterling Rumors

Donald Sterling the previous owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Basketball Team, was making racist comments about African Americans. Soon Clippers fans went on strike. The Clippers started to lose more fans day by day.

The Strike

So, fans held up signs saying “No Sterling” or a big X on his face. Even players started to strike. “If Sterling doesn’t leave, I’m not playing next year.” said star player Chris Paul. Protest, messages and rumors about Sterling went on and on. Before games, they had ceremonies about Sterling and how he shouldn’t be in the NBA. Talks on ESPN went on and the NBA got a big ring from Sterling.

Bye, Bye

Soon, the talk got to commissioner and the commissioner had a long talk about what should happen to Mr. Sterling after a while the commissioner decided to ban owner Donald Sterling from the NBA and anything that has to do with the NBA. The commissioner also said, “I don’t want that kind of talk going around the NBA.” Because of that, owner Donald Sterling got respectfully moved from his position of the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.



full of, characterized by, or showing politeness or deference


Noun, Plural

the formal activities conducted on some solemn or important public or state occasion:



a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts

-By: Boston R

Trouble in the Sea

Sea Turtles need help and they are endangered because,people are littering.When people litter,they can harm sea life.Fishing boat’s put down fish nets the turtles get tangled and possibly hurt their self trying to get out of it.The fish aren’t getting caugt other sea life is.

Turtles see small slits of plastic they think it is fish.Sea turtles like small fish so they eat the small slits of plastic strips.When they eat too much of the plastic they can choke and die.They also,eat allergy that could be molded food which is bad for for them.They can get very ill from eating food there not supposed to.

Fishing boats are putting down fishing nets and turtles are getting tangled.When their struggling to get out of the net they could get hurt

trying to get out.Sometimes, they don’t let them go, and could be fatal.

You can can help by starting a petition in your school.By,stating your problem.people will decide if they agree with you.Then,turn it into the government and then they decide what to do with fishing nets and littering.

Power words


endangered: in danger of dying

-By:Roxie B.

Brother vs. Sister

My brother is pretty cool, but if we are comparing we’re like a dog and a cat, complete opposites but have some similarities. Sometimes we just wonder how are we even related. I’ll try to break it down

The Difference Debate

My brother and I are exact opposites a big difference and barely have anything in common. Sometimes we even debate about our differences. Some examples are I like red , he likes blue. I like pepperoni pizza, apparently he likes cheese pizza. I like school, him not so much. He likes watching Espn and MTV, on the other hand I like watching disney channel, teen nick, and cartoon network. I like Riley (my hamster) in contrast he likes Sherman (our old turtle). We have a lot of differences.

Are We The Same?

As you can see my brother and I have a lot of differences. Now I can share our main similarities. Both of us are athletic. We enjoy playing sports. Apparently, we both like fighting and arguing. Something we really enjoy is coming up with weird nicknames for each other. Our most important thing we enjoy is going on vacations and hanging out with together. I guess my brother and I do have a lot of things in common, more than I thought.

Now I realize it is very clear that my brother and I have a lot of differences but, I think our similarities are about the same. This is what my brother and I do and don’t have in common. Maybe I could find even more things. Anyway this is where my brother and I stand we will see if we change or stay this way.

TOP 5 similarities.

  1. We are both athletic.

  2. are both tall.

  3. We both like playing video games.

  4. We both enjoy sports.

  5. We both like mac and cheese.

By: Kendall P

Concussion vs. Safety

Concussion vs Safety

When you play football you can get a concussion/brain damage, the way to fix that is by adding upgraded padding in football helmets.Because of most players want to be known for the hardest hits,so when your impact from helmet to helmet is very likely to cause a concussion.

better watch out

Im saying this because the amount of pressure due to a helmet hitting a helmet can be as severe, as paralyzing and can even cause death. So, a way we could fix that is by donating money to local sports academies or even football teams in your area.

Power words

upgraded:(adjective),to improve something.

impact:(verb), when two objects collide.

pressure:(verb),when two things push together.

paralyzing:(verb),to be shocked in parts of your body.

severe:(adjective),harsh or deathly.

by Ryan s



By: Carolyn C.

Have you ever been to China? The best time in my life was when I was in Dalian, China in the summer of 2014. My mom and I went there to visit my grandparents there but, the most important thing was being able to look upon the beautiful city and the vast seas that lay outside the window of my grandparent’s apartment.

At The Beach

If you ever visited the beach, you could see the tides carrying salty water from the sea that covered the glistening sand underneath. When the tide goes out, I could see the tiny holes where the clams are carefully hidden. The ripples in the water shows the tiny fish that were trapped in the small tide pools. Near the end of the day, the sun’s last rays dance joyfully and freely across the rippling water.

In The City

The sound of sparrows chirping and cicadas singing starts the early morning in the city. Music breaks the morning silence as the elders in the community come out to exercise in the fresh air. When their fun is over, the sound of horns honking replaces the sound of elders talking after the fun. People fill up the sidewalks by the road. They scurry across the road to get to their destination. Soon, the aroma of food fill the air as restaurants serve hungry citizens. At the end of the day, the line dancing would begin for the elders to do a second exercise. Bicycles, skateboards, and roller skates whizzes past. At 10 PM, the fun ends. Although night has fallen, lights from the city still brightens up the city of Dalian.

The Separation

Leaving Dalian could be heart breaking. When you leave, you would miss the friends you made there, the delicious food that you have tasted, and many more. When your plane is in the air, you would look one last time at the city of Dalian before you fly over the green, rugged mountains of the United States of America.