Count Dracula

Ruben Perez (Runyon 5th) and Heyner Jerez (Dennis 2nd)

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Dracula-What makes him reflectionless?

After the media soon discovered of the Count's power of having no reflection due to his outburst to Jonathan Harker in front of the mirror, we are all asking one question. "How?" Through constant efforts of digging up detail after detail, we were able to discover his secret. It's all in the fangs. They call them the iFangs. This new product that apple released to only a handful of people allows them to have powers that are out of this world. The consumer can now create a camouflage bubble around them that gives them the illusion that they are reflectionless. However, this bubble is only activated at the sight of blood so that the consumer can be stealthier to take the blood because blood is the source of energy for the iFangs. In addition, once the consumer takes the energy needed for the iFangs, a chip is dispensed from the iFangs into the other person that gives them built in iFangs. If you are interested in obtaining these iFangs, call the Count at 666-666-6666.

Dracula..... Human.... no, Bat.... no, its the Cape!

What is Dracula exactly? What is its true form? Nobody Knows! The key is within Dracula's cape. The cape that Dracula Posses is magic, made buy the first witch ever existed, The Shade Shifting Cape. This Cape was made with pure dark magic, and the use can use it to change forms from human into any type of animal, it is a unique power that can only be used while wielding this type of Cape and Dracula is one of the Fortunate Monster to acquire such a weapon, given as a birth day present by his mom, Dracula has wield this weapon to cause Terror all around Transylvania, while covering its own profile by changing form.
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Dracula Prevails

Today murder on the King of Darkness failed. Today a group of humans tend to slaughter Count Dracula, luckily the great master of shadows was able to doge their attacks and tricks, and counter attacked, killing the men that tried to slay him, dragging their bodies and throwing them to its minions so they could take care of them. Their was no trace of the bodies, just blood everywhere, showing that the king of darkness has no mercy and that no mortal can escape the hands of Count Dracula.

What Are Those?! (Marks)

The use of the newly discovered iFangs give off an obvious consequence. In order to implant the vampire powers through the iFangs, they need to penetrate the reciever's neck. Unfortunately this gives off an obvious mark, in which you can see two holes that the iFangs caused. Due to this, there is much controversy over whether the implants are worth it at all because of those horrid scars. Dermatologists try to find a way to cover these scars, but since they're holes, they are nearly impossible to conceal. Therefore, you be the judge. Some say they prefer to stay normal, and others would recieve these amazing powers at the price of that scar (and eternal unrest).
Dracula Untold - Official Trailer (HD)