Describing The Universe

In Terms of Time, Distance, and, Organization

The Value of Astronomy

The value of astronomy is the study of many different things in space, for example studying other life source and finding new solar systems, stars, galaxy's, black holes, and other energy source.


1. Describe characteristic of the universe in terms of time, distance and organization.

2. Identify the visible and nonvisible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

3. Compare refracting telescopes and reflecting telescopes.

4. Explain how telescopes for nonvisible electromagnetic radiation differ from light telescopes.

Describe The Elecromagnetic spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum is the frequencies or wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. The electromagnetic spectrum has two different kind of light it has visible light and invisible light. The spectrum also has names depending on it's wavelengths the first one is Radio waves, Micro waves, inferred waves, X-rays, and gamma rays waves. All that light travels at the same frequency so all that waves that travel from the Sun to Earth will travel he same.

The visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum it is only visible to the human eye. That light that gets hit it brakes into many different colors the shortest light is blue and violet there are different kind of colors for example red, blue, orange, violet and yellow.

The invisible light is invisible to the human eye, but human have special instrument to help us detect the wavelengths wavelengths are all over the place. There are weak wave like the radio wave which is a long wave and there are also short wave that are dangerous like the X-rays and gamma rays they are used for like doctors.

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Describing Reflecting and Refracting Telescope

The refracting Telescope is used to learn about astronomy. The telescope has optical lenses to gather and bend light from distant objects. It also appears different in color, for example if you look at object in the telescope that is blu it will appear red. The lenses of the Refracting Telescope are very thick and hard to make because of it's shape is so huge and heavy that it might take days to put in together.

The reflecting telescope uses curved mirror to gather and focus light from distant objects. To begin with, they invented the reflecting telescope because it is easer to make. Also the first telescope that was built was by this person named Isaac Newton by the mid-1600. They invented the telescope because it was easer to make than the refracting telescope; the reflecting telescope has two mirrors that are easy to make than making heavy and expensive lenses.

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