Ms. Price's Class

Week 27 - March 21, 2016


....for making our Tailgate Party a SUCCESS! We couldn't have done it without your support and donations. Everyone had a wonderful experience.... THANKS TO YOU!
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Beach Theme in the Classroom this week!

Students may wear sunglasses, beach hats, and bring a beach towel to school if they want. We are "spending our days at the beach" while we review for STAAR Writing.
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Wednesday, March 23rd

Class and individual pictures will be taken on Wednesday, March 23rd. If you would like a class picture you will need to pre-order, otherwise you are not guaranteed a copy for purchase. Individual picture proofs will be sent home and you can decide to purchase or not. EVERYONE will be in the class picture, so please look your best.

In the Classroom This Week

Reading: Literary Texts, Tall Tales - generalizing, inferring

Writing: Expository Essays; Compound Sentences and Capitalization

Math: Adding and Subtracting Angles, Classifying Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Social Studies: Industry in Texas continued

Report Cards Thursday, March 24th

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STAAR Testing Days: Tuesday, March 29 & Wednesday, 30

Information for 4th Grade STAAR Writing Test on Tuesday, March 29th

(5th grade will be testing on Tuesday and Wednesday)

#1- We will not receive test scores until the middle or end of May.

#2- I will not discuss with you how your child did on the test or the amount of time they took to take the test.

#3- No cell phones are permitted on the day of the test. Any child who brings a cell phone to school will have it taken up and returned to them after testing. This is done for test security reasons.

#4- Each test is 4 hours long.

#5- You will not be allowed to eat lunch with your child Tuesday or Wednesday due to STAAR test security.

#6- Make sure your child is at school and ON TIME.

#7- No backpacks or folders are needed on Tuesday. Just bring a lunch if you will not be buying lunch.

#8- Make sure you eat breakfast, go to bed early, and are prepared.

#9- A snack and bottle of water will be provided on Tuesday after testing. Please refrain from sending anything extra.

#10- Encourage your child to do their absolute best. We have worked so hard all year long for this very important day. Now is the time for them to shine and show what they know.

Contact Information

Rona Lee Price, M.Ed.

Fourth Grade, Smith Elementary

2300 Mesquite Valley Road, Mesquite, TX 75149


You made our Tailgate Party a SUCCESS!