High School Happenings

January 2022

Welcome to the High School Newsletter for The Campus (SSAE and PPEC)

Physical Science-Biology-Forensic Science

This semester is off to a great start! We are jumping right into the lab! Biology is starting the semester with heart dissections and will be moving into learning about cells, DNA, and genetics this semester. Forensic Science is working on fingerprinting and then will begin performing autopsies on fetal pigs and meeting with a forensic scientist and attending a virtual field trip to a crime lab! Physical Science will be designing their own Rube Goldberg Machine this semester, investigating aerodynamics, egg drops, and more!

Chemistry & Honors Biology

Students in Honors Biology are beginning an exciting quarter-long project called "The Generations Project: Science Edition." Over the course of the project, students will be exploring the question, why is important to tell your story of inheritance? Students will be exploring how traits are passed from one generation to another and why members of the same family have different traits. The unit will culminate in a family potluck on March 16 to celebrate and showcase the students' hard work! Honors Chemistry students have begun their science-based job shadow project. A "science" job shadow gives a student a meaningful introduction to the world of work and provides a context for understanding the connection between their high school science classes and their career field of interest. Chemistry students will be diving into the properties of heat and thermodynamics. They will design and build a device capable of insulating an ice cube submerged in boiling water for two minutes as they compete with their peers. In this open-ended inquiry based activity, students will be required to critically think about structure and function of the materials they wish to use to build a device to solve a complex real-world thermodynamics problem. This semester, I am available to work with and support students during sixth period on Mondays and Wednesdays, as well as through virtual office hours at 9:30 am on Tuesdays as well as other times by appointment.

English III

Second semester is off and running! English 3 students will start off by analyzing social problems through the lens of characters in fiction. They will use the problems they find to create possible solutions and present how their solutions connect to real-world issues. Students will use a variety of platforms to present their ideas throughout this first unit.


Students will be taking the Solidworks Associate Exam around the beginning of February and are currently working through the prep courses. I barely ask them to do anything outside of class time; however, this is one thing that they should be working on both during class and outside of class. We will do some mock exam questions over the next few weeks. The rest of the semester is two projects. The first is their aerospace project, where they will design and build extremely customized model rockets. That will run until at least Spring Break. The second is a Computer Engineering project where they will build some basic circuits and devices. We are looking forward to the fun we have planned this semester! Dual Credit Enrollment Information: One of the cool things about this course is that you have the opportunity to earn dual credit at UCCS. Registration for the course is open, and the information is also posted inside Schoology. This course can be worth two credit hours of Engineering credit for $102 per credit hour. The deadline for enrollment is March 3, 2022, and it can take a few extra days to get your account set up, so if you are planning to take advantage of this opportunity, then make sure you get started early!

If you're looking for your Work-Study or PE Class, look no further than Schoology! It has moved from Edgenuity this Semester to improve the submission process.

Electives Galore!

Welcome back, and I hope everyone is ready for a fun and hardworking semester. Courses are ready to go in Edgenuity. Please make sure to check out the assignment calendar for all of your courses. This semester Coding 4 students will begin working with Class Object-Oriented Programming. Coding 2 students will continue working on animations, drawing, and creating games and animations. Teen Leadership students will continue developing leadership skills and academic skills needed to be successful at the campus and beyond.


Did you take College Adobe Photoshop, or College Adobe Illustrator, or College Drawing I (2017- 2020)? If you have NOT received your 3.0 credits from Pikes Peak Community (PPCC), email Mrs. Kara Wichman at kwichman@d49.org. https://www.ppcc.edu/application/files/1116/0089/0118/SSAE_Flyer.pdf

Peer Tutoring Offered

Peer Tutors are here to help! If you have questions about your assignments or need some feedback to make sure you are on the right track, come see a peer tutor.

Tutors are available in Studio 4 on Fridays from 10:40 to 11:55 am and additional some additional times throughout the week.

For more information or to make an appointment, check out our website: https://sites.google.com/d49.org/peer-tutoring-hub/home


Generations Project Family Potluck

Ms. Leider and Mrs. Butterworth are excited to celebrate students' final projects at this family potluck. See the "Save the Date" email for more information.

State Testing Dates(PSAT/SAT/CMAS)

9th grade

10th grade

11th grade
APRIL 18th- 11th grade only SCIENCE- CMAS


CLASS OF 2022- Senior photo & quote for Yearbook

Seniors - please upload your senior photo (to entourage) and senior quote (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScEv4pIyEIVVlfG5tPFljPpmSDPbBfrsNm9t5o3-WRBJQaw_Q/viewform) by MARCH 1.