Voting in America!!

By: Anon Mathis

*Voter Registration Requirements*

You are required to give them your name sometimes drivers license depending on what state you stay in, your government name, your age (18), your address to notify where you stay, and you have to be a United States citizen.

*Steps in Voting/Voter Behavior*

  1. Go register
  2. Learn and study about the person your going to voting for him or her. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of that person your voting for.
  3. Go to your polling place in their precincts to cast their votes.
  4. Sign into the poll roster book.
  5. Receive your paper ballot, secrecy sleeve & E.D. card.
  6. Make your paper ballot fill the oval in completely.
  7. Insert your ballot in the tabulator.

Voter Behavior: Voting behavior has absorbed a great deal of the time of both political parties in America. Much effort has been put into analyzing voting behavior and patterns in previous elections - be they national, state or local elections etc.

What is Ballot Fatigue, Straight Ticket Voting, and Split Ticket Voting?

*Timeline and Amendments*


  • 1870 Fifteen Amendment
  • 1957 Civil Rights Act of 1957
  • 1965 Voting Rights Act of 1965
  • 1992 Voting Rights Act Amendment of 1992
  • 2006 Voting Rights Act Re-authorization and Amendments Act of 2006


  • 15th Amendment: Everyone has equal rights to vote, including African Americans.
  • 17th Amendment: Senators no longer appointed by states legislators. Now to be directly elected by citizens.
  • 19th Amendment: Allowed voting rights for women in the United States.
  • 23rd Amendment: Allowed voting rights for District of Columbia residents.
  • 24th Amendment: Outlaws the poll tax in national elections in the United States.
  • 26th Amendment: Set the voting age to 18.