Free Books!!

Coming to the Teacher Cafeteria Today

Dear teachers et. al.,

I've started on a major deselecting (aka weeding) project in the Library. And you could potentially be the beneficiary. A cart of books will be placed in the teacher cafeteria with the most recently weeded books and you are free to take anything that appeals to you.

Why have the books been deselected? Many of these books are from the 1980s-1990s, so some of the content may be out of date. Some of the books are duplicates, from a time when we needed more than one copy to meet student demand. Obviously, most students use the databases and Internet searches for research and the books do not get much use. Sigh...'cause frankly, sometimes a book is easier to navigate than a Google search.

What's available now:

  • Dewey 390s--miscellaneous titles
  • Dewey 400s--a few language-related books
  • Dewey 500s--Science
  • Dewey 510s--Math and Statistics
  • Dewey 520s--Astronomy

If you're wondering what happened to 000-380, well, I started this project strictly as an organizing and cleaning project for my spare time ;-0 . As I went along, I started to get the itch to make the books look more appealing, which meant removing older books and leaving room to display newer titles, in the hope that students and teachers might be enticed to take the books off the shelves (the book store theory of library organization).

As the weeks go on, more books will be added to the cart, so stay tuned. And feel free to visit the library, if there's a category of books you'd like to check out.


Your Librarian

Sue Ludwig