Madison Red Storm

Youth Football & Cheer

Let's Get It!!

Time to get moving team and putting in the work required to get us quicker, stronger, faster, and ready for another fun productive season of Youth Football & Cheer

Come on out and reconnect with your teammates and have some fun as well

Football Conditioning Schedule

M & Th, 6pm to 8pm / Sat, 2pm - 4pm

  • Monday 6pm - 8pm
  • Thursday 6pm - 8pm
  • Saturday 6pm - 8pm

Go Time!

6:00pm-6:10pm Meet and greet.

6:10pm-6:25pm Knowledge Circle

6:25pm-6:35pm Warm ups

6:35pm-6:40pm Water Break

6:45pm-6:55pm Stretching

6:55pm-7:25pm Station Drills

7:25pm-7:45pm Fun Time

7:45pm-7:55pm Cool Down

7:55pm-8:00pm Feedback, questions, comments

8:00pm Dismissal

Upcoming Events

Hard Work

Any questions? Please feel free to contact any of the following:

Coach Raschied 971-325-9018

Coach Phil 503-758-5903

Coach Juan 503-995-4929

Coach Jaalam 503-935-1074

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