Graphic Organizers @ EKYA

At EKYA Schools, teachers use graphic organizers to help facilitate effective instruction and meaningful learning experiences for students. Students are able to classify ideas and communicate effectively while using these organizers. The student’s ability to identify main ideas, brainstorm, recollect information and illustrate their thoughts and ideas are developed simultaneously with the ongoing learning process. The use of graphic organizers aid in the development of higher order thinking skills like problem-solving and decision making skills.

Using Graphic organizers help students at EKYA, with retention of content, increased comprehension, and critical thinking abilities. Students remember and recollect information better it when it is represented and learned both visually and verbally through these knowledge maps. This results in an improvement across learning content areas and academic grades.

Writing Activities using Graphic Organizers:

In this world of digital technology, where writing practices are almost extinct, we, at EKYA believe that children learn best in environments that support their early writing practices.

Our educators serve as responsible facilitators of this process. They guide students about the formal aspects of writing and help them in building essential writing skills. Offering thoughtful feedback, encouragement, and positive reinforcement at all times, all writing activities are dealt with ease by the teachers.

It is absolutely essential that written language is purposeful and meaningful to our students. At EKYA, a variety of Graphic Organizers are used to fulfil this purpose. Teachers give consistent feedback and encourage self editing of written work. The well planned curriculum helps students in learning the language by guiding them across grades to frame sentences, format content into paragraphs, create monologues and dialogues, write short stories, compose poems and emails, essays, summaries, write book reviews and Biographies.

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