Wow - Principal Goes Techy

Sharing with you what I learned today at Digital Fluency

Big Idea

Professional Development is probably the most important part of our jobs as educators. We have to continue to learn and grow so we can continue to impact students effectively.

I have always been a huge supporter of technology in the classroom. However, I have not always modeled technology in education the way I should. Sure from time to time I model some technology in faculty meetings, but am I integrating it into the way I do business like I want you to integrate it into the way you teach? Nope.....but I am ready to.

The technology goals and tools I am aiming for:

Twitter - as my PLN and branding tool

Sharing articles utilizing Diigo to store, mark, and share articles

I am going to Ed Camp in Rockwell July 21 - sign up and join me. It is free

Research all the other great resources, sites and applications I learned today and share them with you.

Building a School Brand

There are some many tools out there that it gets overwhelming as to where we should go to do the most to build a positive school footprint. But if we don't, no one will. Therefore, I am building my Twitter knowledge not only to use it as a PLN (personal learning network) tool, but to capture the great things going on at Houston and sending them out for all to see. Follow Houston and or check out #texanpride to be part of the future. I am committing to posting one tweet a week and recommitting to doing the same a Try to do the same. The more positive that is out there the more positive will be in our great school