Senior History

Causes of Homelessness and What can we do to help them

Here are 10 reasons for homelessness and they are by the following:

1. Addiction

2. Domestic Violence

3. Mental Illness

4. Job Loss and Underemployment

5. Foreclosure

6. Post- Traumatic Stress

7. Trow Away Teens

8. Relational Brokenness

9. Grief

10. Despair

Where i got these 10 reasons is from www.portlandrescuemission.org/learn-more/causes-of-homelessness/

What can the Government

I think that the Government can try and start a shelter that could be for everyone that is homeless with their animals if they have any and they could have the shelter open a day so they can shower and stuff. They could help the homeless get a job or get chances for a job that the homeless would only be allowed to work out so they could make money.

What could be done by the homeless?

They could try and keep trying to find a job. They could see if their friends would understand that they need help and they could see if they could wash up to make them self's look simidecient. Their friends could see if their is something nice that they could wear to try and impress anyone that is at the place that they are trying to get a job at.

What could the community or you do for the homeless?

What we could do is we could give them a little money to get them some food, blankets, clothes. We could offer some work that could be just like yard work or something like that and we could pay them. We could go around and hand out food and blankets or gentaly used coats, hats, gloves that would be able to keep them warm. we could also have different food drives that they could come to. The food would only be for a little bit of money so then we can put that money towards some more food for the next food drive.