By Ally Condie

About the Book

Many people love reading books about love stories with twist like in the book “Crossed” which is a follow up on the book “Matched.”The book “Crossed” is by Ally Condie which is a fiction book based on two main characters Ky and Cassia.I really enjoyed this book because it demonstrated how true love will always find a way to be together.The main plot of this book is that Cassia is a citizen and Ky is from the outer provinces and they cannot be together AT ALL

Ky & Cassia

Ky is sent out to work camp so he can work to his death but Cassia is determined to find him and save him, her efforts are priceless and her heart is set out to find her true love.I honestly loved this book because the first book leaves you hanging when Ky is taken form Cassia but the second book explains the situation and the sacrifices making you understand why everything was done.Ally does a great job of explaining the setting of the book which makes you feel as if you are there with Cassia as she takes every step to find Ky and the Rising.The Rising is full of rebels that have turned against the society and to find them is sometimes impossible but Cassia will not give up until she doesn’t reach Ky and The Rising.I loved everything about this book, and Ally couldn't have done a better job.This book makes you want to keep reading and keep turning the pages to find out what happens next.Overall this is a very interesting book from the “Matched Trilogy” and i would recommend everybody to read this and be part of Cassias and Ky’s love story.

Guaranteed to be the best book you ever read.

Would Ky and Cassia's love overcome all of the obstacles of society?