Detroit Accountibility Challenge!!

Follow-Up to Danielle's visit to Detroit!

Want to win the big prize?

Thanks for joining us at our power-packed training day in Detroit with Danielle on Monday!
We know that you are pumped up and ready to go.... but, as Danielle said, your adrenaline may start to wear off and your motivation may start to waiver. So, in order to keep it going STRONG and in order to help hold you accountable, we're issuing a simple Accountability challenge with a fabulous prize!

Your Challenge is Simple!

Take Danielle's advice and make just TWO calls a night!
In order to be entered to win, you simply must make 2 calls a night* for 5/7 nights and email me with the results by noon on September 30th!
Keep track of who you called and what happened!

*Danielle feels that 8-8:30pm is a perfect time to reach people but if night simply doesn't work (and you're SURE it's not a Saboteur talking!), then pick a time that does work for you! The point is to stop thinking about it and just do it!

The Winner will be announced on September 30th!
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