The most Educated and prosperous city.

Very Educated and Intelligent.

Athenians taught in a way like no other city did, by teaching (usually boys only) with three teachers, one for teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, one for sports and another for singing and teaching how to play the Lyre, the then-guitar.

Locations and Expanding.

Athens is located North-East of Sparta, another big city-state, and Athens colonized around and spread it's culture all around Greece. This is why a lot of city-states were Democratic in ancient Greece.

Some Activists in that time:

Athens Tech and Trade.

Technological Advances.

Athens prospered in society and advanced in education, culture, and technology. Athenians, although not liking to go to war, had lots of precious metals (including iron). These metals were not used for weapons, though. Athenians used lots of tools and even traded some of their metals away.

Athenian Culture

Athenians were Polytheists, meaning that they believed in many gods/goddesses, and the chief of these was the goddess Athens was named after, Athena. Athens started off as an oligarchy, like Sparta, but unlike Sparta, evolved into a Democratic City-State. After Becoming Democratic, Athens enforced it's government and prospered.